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The new and so-called improved Mac Book!

]I have to say that I’m a little disappointed the new Mac Book.  I was hoping for some touch screen action!  HP has a PC desktop one, why doesn’t Apple put one out too!  Stop holding back!  

Despite my ill feelings towards Apple, I’m still going to run to the store and check it out.  I’m such a sucker for good marketing =).  

Porsche Cayenne Extreeeeeeeeeme!

It has been quite awhile since I’ve locked eyes with a sexy looking car.  I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of the Peiwei Extreeeeeeeeme Porsche Cayenne.  This is the only one is the U.S.!  

Only a few months old, but the PEPC has definitely caught some attention.  Check me out at SEMA this year!  I’ll be hiding out somewhere in the Tire & Wheel Hall.


I'm the little guy on the left side.

I'm the right side!


I heart Singapore.


If you must ask, Singapore is one of my favorite places to be.  It has been my secret hideout for many years, but now it’s time to share!


This is my “I heart Singapore” picture story.  Enjoy!


Vivo City - lots of modern shopping malls

Vivo City - lots of modern shopping malls


Lush and very tropical climate.

Lush and very tropical climate.


There's fun nightlife - Kandi Lounge (Hed Kandi)

Nightlife - Kandi Lounge (Hed Kandi)


Nighlife - F. Bar by Fashion TV

Nighlife - F. Bar by Fashion TV


Posh hang out spots.

Posh hang out spots.


High-rise living

High-rise living

Noodles in China.

During my layover in China, I was super excited to find this ultra cute noodle shop at the airport.  Where else in the world can you have a hot bowl of egg noodles with steamy veggies awaiting your arrival!?  That would be in China my friend!  The set up with so cute, I had to snap a few photos.  Damn tourists!!

Harry Potter anyone?

I know many of you are Harry Potter fanatics, so I thought it would be funny to share this photo with you!  I found this huge stuffed three headed dog plush at FAO Schwartz at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace.  I felt left out, so I had to squeeze myself in as the 3rd head!  =)


Have you ever seen bear mannequin?  Well, I sure did, and it was all in the way in Singapore!  It looked a little weird at first, but I guess it had to grow on me.  So, here it is, cute bear heads modeling some clothes.


Hmmmm...wonder if that sweater would look good on me?!

Hmmmm...wonder if that sweater would look good on me?!

Would you like your drink hot or cold? You decide!

In Japan, you’ll find drink vending machines all over the subway and streets.  One thing I love, is how I get to choose between HOT or COLD drinks!  Yes, you heard me right!  The drinks even have cute pictures on them and the portions are small and dainty.  My favorites are the COLD: fizzy ramune drink, Q10 orange, and calpico.  Although, I noticed that boys like the HOT coffee drinks.

This is my friend Greg...We missed the stupid train b/c of these vending machines!!!

This is my friend Greg...We missed the stupid train b/c of these vending machines!!!

The best gelato…like ever!

Gelato hasn’t always been a part of my life, however that all changed one winter in Japan.  I was strolling around a very modern and posh mall in Omotesando Hills (, and came across this lovely Gelato shop.  The name was Gelateria Bar, and right smack in front, you couldn’t miss the colorful showcase of gelato!  We finally stopped in, and I decided to try the apple gelato special.  The menu was all in Japanese, but I ordered from looking at the pictures that accompanied the text.

Wow!  One bite and I was in love!  In every scoopy of gelato, it tasted like a fresh ripe apple.  The texture was different too!  Mixed in with the gelato were small bits of apple, so the taste was amazing.  My desert also came out with champagne jelly cubes and some other yummy stuff.  Yummy!

Here it is!  The apple gelato w/champagne jelly.

Here it is! The apple gelato w/champagne jelly.

WTF is Palazzo?

Palazzo is a brand new hotel/casino that just opened up in January/February of 2008.  It’s attached on to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  I was there for New Year’s Eve and also Chinese New Year’s.  It is a gorgeous hotel with lots of boutique shops and yummy restaurants.  I heard Sushi Samba just opened up there, so I’m hoping to swing by to see if it’s exactly like the one in Miami.  Swing by Palazzo next time you’re in Las Vegas!

Free red envelopes!!!!  ;)

Free red envelopes!!!! 😉

“Beam me up, Scotty!

I was in the new Barneys at the Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas, and saw this tubular booth thing that reminded me of Star Trek for some reason.  So naturally, I had to jump in and have my photo snapped.  “Beam me upScotty!


This is my kind of menu!

Ok.  Picture this.  You walk into a restaurant, look at the menu, but can’t figure out what you want to eat.  You’re hungry.  Okay, super hungry, but for some reason you can’t make up your mind. Errrr.  (stomach grumbles)

Alas!  I thought I was in heaven when I came across this cute Japanese noodle cafe in Singapore.  The decor was cute, and it was packed!  The first thing that caught my attention was all of the small tv screens they have in the main window.  When I walked up closer to take a look, I noticed it was actually the menu!!!  What an awesome way to showcase, “what’s on the menu”!  It took me 2 minutes flat, to figure out what I wanted to eat.  These pictures didn’t lie!  I left feeling happy, full, and eager to come back for more.  

Why can’t we have these types of e-menu’s here in the US!


Let me introduce you…

Meet Chewy.  He’s the cutest and most craziest doggy I know!  He is a bit shy, but love to show off once he’s comfortable.  It’s my cousin Amie’s dog, and she’s had him ever since he was a puppy.  I miss this little booger.  He lives all the way in Texas, so I only get to see him about once a year.  =(

Tell me more about your doggy!

Today is a very special day…

Happy 217 is finally here!  We’ll be seeing more of each other soon. Hello world! XoXoXoXo.