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This is my kind of menu!

Ok.  Picture this.  You walk into a restaurant, look at the menu, but can’t figure out what you want to eat.  You’re hungry.  Okay, super hungry, but for some reason you can’t make up your mind. Errrr.  (stomach grumbles)

Alas!  I thought I was in heaven when I came across this cute Japanese noodle cafe in Singapore.  The decor was cute, and it was packed!  The first thing that caught my attention was all of the small tv screens they have in the main window.  When I walked up closer to take a look, I noticed it was actually the menu!!!  What an awesome way to showcase, “what’s on the menu”!  It took me 2 minutes flat, to figure out what I wanted to eat.  These pictures didn’t lie!  I left feeling happy, full, and eager to come back for more.  

Why can’t we have these types of e-menu’s here in the US!


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