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Effin cute cupcakes!

Emo Dolls…soo cute!

Bebe Sport Thanksgiving Sale! (11/25/08 – 12/2/08)


Please check their website for details and restrictions.

Please check their website for details and restrictions.

Free Juicy Couture T-Shirt w/purchase. Friday, 11/28/08 only.


click on picture to locate a boutique near you.

click on picture to locate a boutique near you.

I effin <3 Kanye West…(heartless)

Just in case you missed his live performance on AMA’s, here’s the link!  

Pink Thanksgiving Weekend Sale!

Please check the site for restrictions and more details!


Juicy Couture 30% off In-Store Promotion! (11/28/08 until 11/30/08)

Enjoy 30% off all regular priced merchandise @ the Juicy Couture boutique.  You must print this out, in order to receive the discount at the store.  Happy Shopping!

Valid only at Juicy Couture boutiques.  


Click on the picture to find a store near you!

Click on the picture to find a store near you!

RVCA Holiday Warehouse Sale! (12/5/08, 12/6/08, & 12/13/08)



Paul Frank Holiday Warehouse Sale!!! (12/5/08 and 12/6/08)

Yay!!!  This is my absolute favorite sale of the year!  Go and pick up everything from house slippers, pj sets, to backpacks, sweaters, watches, and kids clothing.  Prices start at $5 (for shirts, knits), $15/$20 (pj sets), $10 (house slippers), etc…

The lines are super long, so make sure to get there early.  There is usually only street parking, so try carpooling with your friends to save some time.  Happy shopping!


Friday, December 5th, 10am-7pm

Saturday, December 6th, 9am-4pm

Paul Frank

960 W. 16th Street

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Obey Holiday Sale! (12/5/08 and 12/6/08)


Be prepared for the long lines!

Be prepared for the long lines!

Palazzo Hotel – Las Vegas Deal!

Here is your chance to finally stay at a luxurious hotel, for only a fraction of the price.  Most of the hotels in Las Vegas are running special deals right now, but the Palazzo one is the best I’ve seen.  Go on, it’s time to treat yourself!  While you’re there, make sure to check out Lavo (the new lounge/restaurant) and Sushi Samba upstairs @ the Shops of Palazzo.  


Click on the photo, to be directly linked!

New Pinkberry Flavor!

Drum roll pleeeeeeeeease!  It’s Pomegranate!


Magazine subscriptions…family & friends discount!



Click on any of the pictures, it will link you directly to their site.  They also have dozens of other popular magazines! Free Shipping Promotion (ends 11/23/08)     Discount code:  shipfree25


Juicy Couture Promotion (ends on 11/23/08)

Juicy is running a ton of different promotions, but this is the latest one with Bloomingdale’s.


Online:  Spend $250.00, get $50.00 off.

In-store:  Spend $200.00, get $50.00 Bloomingdale’s giftcard

Happy shopping!

picture-5 has a special promotion!! (sale ends on 11/23/08)

It’s officially time for you to pick up some pepper spray.  As you’ve probably seen on my keychain, I have a really cute and compact pepper spray.  I bought mine for full price last year, but is running a special this weekend.  Get 20% off of your entire order.  

25 bucks + shipping is a small price to pay for your safety.  If you’re anything like me, I’m sure it would be impossible to fight off a guy.  Unless you’re big and strong like Chyna from WWE (you can google her), then picking up some pepper spray would be a smart thing to do.  This is also a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Save 20% now    Discount code:  weekend08


Hurley Annual Warehouse Sale! 11/19/08 to 11/23/08

Every year, I always stumble right into the Hurley Warehouse Sale!  Last year it was in Irvine, but this time it is on Brookhurt/405.  The sale ends this Sunday, so hurry up and make your way over there.  Here are the details!

T-shirts $10

Knits $10

Sweaters/Hoodies $25

Jackets $30

And, backpacks, caps, purses, kids clothing, etc…

Saturday 11/22/08   8am-3pm

Sunday 11/23/08     8am-3pm

*The Hurley Warehouse Sale is at the corner of Brookhurst and Slater*

If for some reason you can’t make it out to OC for the sale, I’ve also included a $10 off online coupon code.  It is only valid online at:    Coupon code:  hwhsesale1108  Expires: 12/31/08

Dear Yelpers, you have failed me this time. =(

Last night, we were hungry…so naturally, we turned to to help find us a yummy place to eat.  By default, Sushi Zo was up for review.


This place was omakase only, so we made sure to starve ourselves all day.  No, I’m just kidding!  Anyways, we get there, sit down, and each plate started coming out at a steady pace.  By the 10th fish, I was seriously bored and wondered when the “extra special something” would come out next.  You know, the occasional crab claw, chawan mushi, or the mystery concoction that looks sketchy, but  tastes amazing?!?


Somewhere between the 13th and 14th dish, I gave up and figured that this “extra special something” was never going to come.   And then, it finally dawned on us that this place was probably just serving up the same ol’ fishes over and over again, but cleverly changing the name.  It went a lil something like this…


Ugh…amberjack. mackerel. yellowtail. spanish mackerel. japanese amberjack. slapjack.  slapjack?  Okay, so my point is that I stopped listening to the guy, since all of the fishes started sounding (and even tasting) the same.  I mean, how many versions of mackerel and something “jack” do you need to eat?!  And by golly, at least let me douse my palate with a heaping mound of wasabi, so I can drown my miserable taste buds.  I even stopped snapping pics, since they all started to look the same.  Moral of the story is…go to Hiko Sushi on National if you want a real omakase meal!

We love candy, yes we do!

Uncle P. always has lots of candy!  So, I’ve decided to let you in on the secret taste test.  Here are the winners for best gummies!   If you see them @ the store, make sure to snatch a couple for the reserves… 

Happy Cola:  Yes, they taste just like a chewy version of coca cola….And yes, they make me very happy.  This one totally lives up to its name.

Gold-Bears:  I’m still a die hard fan of the Black Forest gummies, but these bad boys are packed with flavor.  Buy a pack, pick out all the red and clear ones for yourself, then share the rest with your friends.  You won’t be sorry!

Roulette:  The name sounded pretty dangerous to me, but Uncle P. insisted that I try some.   Holly guacamole!  These lil disk shaped gummies are fantastic!  Let me warn you though, they are tough to chew and the pieces are sort of big.  So, don’t eat and talk at the same time, or you will find yourself choking on a roulette gummy.  I’m soooo not joking, bc it happened to me.  = (  Oh, and Uncle P. too.  = (

Another cousin married…(sniffles)


Cousin Amie, Miss Riz misses you...

Cousin Amie, Miss Riz misses you...

My H mart experience…

Spent some time with my dear friend today, and he decided to take me over to H mart.  What I saw there was just freaking amazing.  There were tubs of kimchee lined up, and ready to be taken home.  7lb. tubs of kimcheeeeezzzzy!  That’s a lot of cabbage & spices!

Wedding photos from Cancun (not mine, silly!)

We did a sneak attack on some tourist that fell asleep on the lounge chair!  It was hilarious!!!

The world can be yours, for only $39.99


Monopoly world is super fun.  It’s the same concept, except the states are now countries, and there is electronic banking!  Each player gets a credit card thing, and the bank keeps track of how much money you have!  It is lots of fun!  My record now, 2-0.  =)

I likey this song/vid. The unofficial MGMT Kids music vid.