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Dear Yelpers, you have failed me this time. =(

Last night, we were hungry…so naturally, we turned to to help find us a yummy place to eat.  By default, Sushi Zo was up for review.


This place was omakase only, so we made sure to starve ourselves all day.  No, I’m just kidding!  Anyways, we get there, sit down, and each plate started coming out at a steady pace.  By the 10th fish, I was seriously bored and wondered when the “extra special something” would come out next.  You know, the occasional crab claw, chawan mushi, or the mystery concoction that looks sketchy, but  tastes amazing?!?


Somewhere between the 13th and 14th dish, I gave up and figured that this “extra special something” was never going to come.   And then, it finally dawned on us that this place was probably just serving up the same ol’ fishes over and over again, but cleverly changing the name.  It went a lil something like this…


Ugh…amberjack. mackerel. yellowtail. spanish mackerel. japanese amberjack. slapjack.  slapjack?  Okay, so my point is that I stopped listening to the guy, since all of the fishes started sounding (and even tasting) the same.  I mean, how many versions of mackerel and something “jack” do you need to eat?!  And by golly, at least let me douse my palate with a heaping mound of wasabi, so I can drown my miserable taste buds.  I even stopped snapping pics, since they all started to look the same.  Moral of the story is…go to Hiko Sushi on National if you want a real omakase meal!

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