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We love candy, yes we do!

Uncle P. always has lots of candy!  So, I’ve decided to let you in on the secret taste test.  Here are the winners for best gummies!   If you see them @ the store, make sure to snatch a couple for the reserves… 

Happy Cola:  Yes, they taste just like a chewy version of coca cola….And yes, they make me very happy.  This one totally lives up to its name.

Gold-Bears:  I’m still a die hard fan of the Black Forest gummies, but these bad boys are packed with flavor.  Buy a pack, pick out all the red and clear ones for yourself, then share the rest with your friends.  You won’t be sorry!

Roulette:  The name sounded pretty dangerous to me, but Uncle P. insisted that I try some.   Holly guacamole!  These lil disk shaped gummies are fantastic!  Let me warn you though, they are tough to chew and the pieces are sort of big.  So, don’t eat and talk at the same time, or you will find yourself choking on a roulette gummy.  I’m soooo not joking, bc it happened to me.  = (  Oh, and Uncle P. too.  = (

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