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Hurley Annual Warehouse Sale! 11/19/08 to 11/23/08

Every year, I always stumble right into the Hurley Warehouse Sale!  Last year it was in Irvine, but this time it is on Brookhurt/405.  The sale ends this Sunday, so hurry up and make your way over there.  Here are the details!

T-shirts $10

Knits $10

Sweaters/Hoodies $25

Jackets $30

And, backpacks, caps, purses, kids clothing, etc…

Saturday 11/22/08   8am-3pm

Sunday 11/23/08     8am-3pm

*The Hurley Warehouse Sale is at the corner of Brookhurst and Slater*

If for some reason you can’t make it out to OC for the sale, I’ve also included a $10 off online coupon code.  It is only valid online at:    Coupon code:  hwhsesale1108  Expires: 12/31/08

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