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I heart singapore (Day 4)

Today was another fun filled day which consisted of cooking, shopping, dining, and the movies.  We ate at this super good restaurant at Clark Quay called “Jumbo Seafood”.  The name may sound cheesy, but the food would totally put Capital Seafood and Sam Woo Seafood to shame!!!  We had chili crab, cheese fried shrimp, fish w/sweet & sour like sauce, and sharks fin soup with crab meat.  The seafood was ultra fresh and the restaurant was very modern inside.  


After diner, we ventured out to watch “Ip Man”.  It’s a chinese movie, but there were subtitles to help out the non-chinese folks like me.  =)


Okay, enough rambling…  Here are more pics for you to enjoy!

Soy Drinks @ Jollibean

Soy Drinks @ Jollibean

Fresh juices & fruit shop

Fresh juices & fruit shop

"fruit lollipops"

"fruit lollipops"

Kiwis, my favorite!

Kiwis, my favorite!

Cactus is like a Kid Robot sotre

Cactus is like the Kid Robot store

buddha jumps over the wall soup

buddha jumps over the wall soup is for real!

matching lamps!  (no comment) haha

matching lamps! (no comment) haha

Yes, Hokkaido Ice Cream stand.

Yes, Hokkaido Ice Cream stand.

I had black sesame ice cream. yum!

I had black sesame ice cream. yum!

This is their version of Marble Slab.

This is their version of Marble Slab.

Ice cream & waffle decorations everywhere!

Ice cream & waffle decorations every where!

Some extra bling.  =)

Some extra bling. =)


My next posting (day 5) will have NYE pics from Zirca!   XoXo.

Life is Gooooooooood.

As many of you know, I love cooking (aka “cooking mama”).  It’s about 1pm in Singapore and I’m whipping up some lunch and listening to LMFAO and Kanye.  This whole traveling thing is quite fun, especially when I have a kitchen to make some home cooked meals.  This song totally reminds me of LA though.  =)

I heart singapore (Day 3)


Miraculously, I have no jet lag on this trip!  Soooooo, it’s day 3 and I’m feeling great!  I’m going to keep things short and simple today.  More pics, less words!



Festive decor on Orchard Row

Festive decor on Orchard Row

Food court @ Wisma

Food court @ Wisma


Chicken Rice...our favorite!!

Chicken Rice...our favorite!!

Our gym @ home

Our gym @ home

Gorgeous views

Gorgeous views


Sim Lim Square - electronics plaza

Sim Lim Square - electronics plaza


Fake Ipods!!! "Mp4 players"

Fake Ipods!!! "Mp4 players"

Beautiful architecture.

Beautiful architecture.


"economic"'s for real!

"economic"'s for real!


Crispy pancakes!

Crispy pancakes!


New up and coming plaza

New up and coming plaza


Stayed tuned for Day 4!

Kiss Goodbye…

My dear friend is a huge fan of Lee Hom, so I had to post this vid for her!  xoxoxo

Finally, a Sephora in Singapore!

You know you’re in good hands when Sephora is in town!  Oh, did I mention they also have Sephora at SFO International Terminal.  =)


Word on the street…

Since I’m getting ready to go to “hello kitty land” next week (aka Japan), I thought it would be appropriate to share some of the gossip floating around on the blogosphere.


It looks like MAC cosmetics will be coming out with the Hello Kitty limited edition line!  Hopefully the selection and packaging will be like the Barbie collection.  That has been one of my favorite collections thus far.  The product launch is rumored to be in February, so make sure to check around for the actual release.  




I heart Singapore (Day 2)

It’s been almost exactly 1 year, since my last visit to Singapore.  Everything looks about the same, with the exception of more high rise residences popping up in the neighborhood.  Orchard row is still bustling with people, shops, and so many eateries. 

In Asia, Mc Donalds has another chain of eateries called, Mc Cafe.  The one in Singapore is always packed with teens and young adults.  From afar, you can hear “Womanizer” by Britney Spears blasting from Mc Cafe.  I personally think it’s a pretty hip place to just hang out!



In addition to Mc Cafe, you can grab some desert and small treats in many small shopping plazas.  In SF, I love egg puffs, but here in Singapore they have sponge cake treats that are made right in front of you!  They come in plain or glazed over with green tea, strawberry, or cheese.  It’s basically fresh deli manjoo.


And , last but not least, they had these gorgeous strawberries imported from Japan on display at the market.  I remember seeing the same variety being sold at Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa, but it was just super over priced!  In the US, it was just about $30 for a package of Amou strawberries.  I guess they are like supposed to be like the “Ferrari” of strawberries from Kyushu, Japan.  Aside from its hefty price tag, these strawberries looked juicy, bright red, and just perfect.  

amou strawberry


Stay tuned for more entries in my travel journal from HK, Singapore, Philippines, and Japan!

In-transit (Hong Kong) Day 1

After some technicalities, we finally began our excursion on the day after Christmas.  The 12 hr flight from SFO to HK didn’t seem long this time around…thank goodness!  On my past trips to Asia, I always remember waking up and staring at the screen to see how much time was left until the arrival.  Let me tell you, that is like the worst thing you can do on the plane, especially when you’re constantly checking (and, realizing that you still have 9 hrs to go).


We finally touched down in HK, and of course there were oodles of noodles everywhere.  I was like a giddy kid in a candy shop.  Pork buns, chinese donuts, juicy pork dumplings, and lots of shinny bottles of Chivas gleaming from the store fronts.  It felt good to be back at this amazing airport.  The architecture of this airport puts LAX and any airport in the US to shame!  


I didn’t get a chance to snap many photos, but here are some pics of the Cathay Airlines Business Lounge.

12282008547 12282008548

Eat or Shop @ Neiman Marcus.

The “last round” of goodies at the Beverly Hills NM is phenomenal compared to what I saw at the SF location.  You’d think that the “lion” ladies of Bev. Hills would’ve cleaned out NM, but I guess this economy has left their “black card”  (Amex, not the Visa one) nicely snuggled in their python, calf skin, or “blinged” out wallets.


The Neimans in SF was in sad shape, with their measly rack of shoes and handbags from like 5 seasons ago.  Aside from being disappointed with their selection, I eventually found something better to do.  My friend suggested that we grab some good eats  at the restaurant upstairs.  I believe it is called, Rotunda.


The service was good and the decor was beautiful.  I took a few snapshots from my nokia e71, so I could share the view we had from our table.  This is a nice spot to rest your feet and catch up on some gossip with your friends.  I definitely recommend the appetizers and salads.  The entrees were boring and overpriced, and the desert selection was okay.

The adventures of FUEGO!

Fuego loves to fly!  As you can see, he also loves to sleep a lot.  =)

Merry Christmas!


Well, I certainly hope you are having a wonderful Christmas Day!  If you didn’t get what you wanted from Santa this year, no need to worry!  Tomorrow is your chance to pick up your favorite goodies for 65% off.  Muahhahaha.  

Enjoy the rest of 2008 and get ready for another wonderful year that awaits us.  Feliz Navidad!

Human Tetris.


I know this is an old video, but it’s still hilarious!

Somebody call PETA!

Time to reflect.


I often find myself reflecting on life and trying to find ways to spread more joy to others.  You don’t have to be my friend to receive a smile or a nice gesture from me.   It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this world is full of crummy people who dont’ care about anyone but themselves.


Each year, I seem to weed out more and more “useless” people from my life.  It’s not that I just woke up one day and said, “_____” is a real shit head or “_____” is an fking loser.  It’s actually cumulative, and I know you know what I’m talking about.


There will always be people with bad character, who will continue to lurk around in your shadow.  I say, it’s all good.  Just let them be envious, morally poor,  and a royal mess.  I figure, most people already have to suffer from their dysfunctional & dilusional lives, so why should I have to remind them of this?  Believe me, it’s really tempting to agree with someone when they say, “I’m just a loser” or “I think I’m such a slut”.  Well, the truth is, you probably are to some extent.  Hey, you said it, I didn’t!


It’s getting ready to be 2009, and I say cut the “loser people” out of your lives already.  You’ll start to see how beautiful the world really is.  Oh yea, and always make sure to treat yourself to some little luxuries in life. 


–  If you’re wanting a better companion, I’d say it’s time to dump yours and give someone else a chance.

–  If you’re druling over some sexy Christian Lobou’s, I’d say go to Neimans because they are having a crazy ass sale.

–  If you’re dreaming of that WALD Bentley GT, I’d say call Jonari & order it now.


We’re not promised tomorrow, so you have to stop putting off these thoughts and make it a reality.  Have a wonderful holiday season and don’t forget to treat yourself.  Wishing everyone good health and lots of happiness in the upcoming new year.

Dear Santa…

How about a WALD Black Bison Bentley GT this year?!?  I have never been a fan of Bentley’s, but this one has definitely caught my attention.  


You know the expression, “when hell freezes over”?  Well, with all the crazy weather we’ve been having, I think “hell” will freeze over very soon.  So, does this mean we can all get WALD Bentley GT’s this year?  =)

wald bentleywald bentley silver

I <3 Mika

Shu Uemura always has limited edition items, and this holiday season they have teamed up with world renowned make-up and photographer Mika Ninagawa.  This collection features a bunch of trios, packaged with rose theme designs.


I recently stopped in the Shu Uemura boutique at South Coast Plaza and pick up Mika’s limited edition trio eye pencils.  They come in a dark blue, violent, and black pencil.  These are perfect to add a bit of color to the bottom of your eyes, especially when you’re doing smoky eyes!


In Mika’s limited edition collection, they have several other sets of lip gloss and lip sticks, but I’m going to pass on those.  I prefer MAC for my lip sticks!  Last but not least, their brush set is a must!  Shu Uemura’s brushes are very soft, durable, and provides a smooth application.  These are perfect for traveling, and it come with a very cute case.


Last minute Christmas sales!


Snow on the Las Vegas strip.



    I’ve always known that it gets freakin chilly in Vegas, but snow?!?

    Read the full story here:  MSN

15 fabulous beauty items you can buy for…


It’s time to treat yourself with some beauty products this holiday season.  I looked in my arsenal of beauty products to find the “best of the best” just for you.  I know some people are low on cash this year, so I’ve compiled a list of 15 products under $30.  All of the products I’ve listed below, have definitely met or exceeded my expectations.  So save your Starbucks fund and splurge on some little luxuries for yourself.


Having “asian eyes” makes it difficult to shop for just any eye shadow or eye liner, so here are some fabulous items that I’d like to share with you.  I’ve wasted my money buying stuff on those “best seller” lists from magazines and especially beauty websites.  Everyone is different, so you just have to try it out for yourself.  


And, don’t get suckered into buying everything from the same brand, because it’s highly unlikely they make the best of skin care, makeup, and body care products.  


Under $10.00

   L’Occitane 100% pure shea butter (L’Occitane Boutiques or Sephora)

–   Opi nail polish (Beauty Supply Stores)

–   Essie nail polish (Beauty Supply Stores)

–   Bigalows Mentha lip shine (Bath and Body Works)

–   Duo Waterproof eye lash glue (Beauty Supply Stores)


Under $20.00

–  Shu Uemura lashes (Sephora)

–  Shu Uemura eye lash curler (Sephora)

–  Tweezerman mini slant tweezers (Sephora or Beauty Supply Store)

–  Mac lipstick (MAC Boutique or Nordstroms)

–  Viva La Juicy mini perfume roller (Juicy Couture Boutiques)


Under $30.00

–  Chanel Exceptionnele Intense volume mascara (Nordstroms or Macys)

–  Shu Uemura beauty cleansing oil (Shu Uemura Boutique)

–  Mac Mineralize skin finish powder (MAC Boutique or Nordstroms)

–  Dior waterproof eyeliner (Sephora)

–  Dior single eye shadow (Sephora; if you can splurge, get the 5 color eye shadow compact for a “complete” look)

Favorite snack in Japan.

Yes, it’s Strawberry Kit Kat!  In about a week, I can get my hands on some of this goodness.  =)

kit kat

What’s for lunch?!

Umm, how about a Hello Kitty bento box!  For more cute bento

creations, please visit E-charaben

Hello Kitty Bento

It’s Playtime!

Good puppies like veggies too!

Santa came early this year…


My dear friend Jess got me this awesome gift for Christmas.  As you can see, I cheated and already opened it!  It’s the “Hello Cupcake” book, which features a ton of creative ways to decorate cupcakes.  I actually made carrot cake cupcakes last night, and they turned out delicious!  I had no time to get into the decorations b/c it was late night, but I will definitely share some of my creations later!


If you love to bake, this is a must have book for you!  Lots of great ideas for parties, holidays, and something just for fun.