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I <3 Mika

Shu Uemura always has limited edition items, and this holiday season they have teamed up with world renowned make-up and photographer Mika Ninagawa.  This collection features a bunch of trios, packaged with rose theme designs.


I recently stopped in the Shu Uemura boutique at South Coast Plaza and pick up Mika’s limited edition trio eye pencils.  They come in a dark blue, violent, and black pencil.  These are perfect to add a bit of color to the bottom of your eyes, especially when you’re doing smoky eyes!


In Mika’s limited edition collection, they have several other sets of lip gloss and lip sticks, but I’m going to pass on those.  I prefer MAC for my lip sticks!  Last but not least, their brush set is a must!  Shu Uemura’s brushes are very soft, durable, and provides a smooth application.  These are perfect for traveling, and it come with a very cute case.


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