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Time to reflect.


I often find myself reflecting on life and trying to find ways to spread more joy to others.  You don’t have to be my friend to receive a smile or a nice gesture from me.   It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this world is full of crummy people who dont’ care about anyone but themselves.


Each year, I seem to weed out more and more “useless” people from my life.  It’s not that I just woke up one day and said, “_____” is a real shit head or “_____” is an fking loser.  It’s actually cumulative, and I know you know what I’m talking about.


There will always be people with bad character, who will continue to lurk around in your shadow.  I say, it’s all good.  Just let them be envious, morally poor,  and a royal mess.  I figure, most people already have to suffer from their dysfunctional & dilusional lives, so why should I have to remind them of this?  Believe me, it’s really tempting to agree with someone when they say, “I’m just a loser” or “I think I’m such a slut”.  Well, the truth is, you probably are to some extent.  Hey, you said it, I didn’t!


It’s getting ready to be 2009, and I say cut the “loser people” out of your lives already.  You’ll start to see how beautiful the world really is.  Oh yea, and always make sure to treat yourself to some little luxuries in life. 


–  If you’re wanting a better companion, I’d say it’s time to dump yours and give someone else a chance.

–  If you’re druling over some sexy Christian Lobou’s, I’d say go to Neimans because they are having a crazy ass sale.

–  If you’re dreaming of that WALD Bentley GT, I’d say call Jonari & order it now.


We’re not promised tomorrow, so you have to stop putting off these thoughts and make it a reality.  Have a wonderful holiday season and don’t forget to treat yourself.  Wishing everyone good health and lots of happiness in the upcoming new year.

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