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In-transit (Hong Kong) Day 1

After some technicalities, we finally began our excursion on the day after Christmas.  The 12 hr flight from SFO to HK didn’t seem long this time around…thank goodness!  On my past trips to Asia, I always remember waking up and staring at the screen to see how much time was left until the arrival.  Let me tell you, that is like the worst thing you can do on the plane, especially when you’re constantly checking (and, realizing that you still have 9 hrs to go).


We finally touched down in HK, and of course there were oodles of noodles everywhere.  I was like a giddy kid in a candy shop.  Pork buns, chinese donuts, juicy pork dumplings, and lots of shinny bottles of Chivas gleaming from the store fronts.  It felt good to be back at this amazing airport.  The architecture of this airport puts LAX and any airport in the US to shame!  


I didn’t get a chance to snap many photos, but here are some pics of the Cathay Airlines Business Lounge.

12282008547 12282008548

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