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What does Happy217 dream about?

As of late, I’ve been thinking a bit more about life and what the heck I want do while I’m here. All of my dearest friends know that I always have outrageous ideas, but somewhere down the road, I make them come true. I’ve spent a good amount of time traveling the US with my buddies when I worked at HIN, but I have an increasing desire to travel the rest of the world.


Being surrounded by yachts in the Marina, I’ve pondered the idea of learning how to sail, however after watching the Perfect Storm…hell no! I think the better choice of transportation would be to take the jet. I must say my fascination for helicopters continues to live on, because the possibility of ditching LA traffic and getting whisked away on the “heli” makes really me happy. Well, the “heli” dreams still resurface from time to time when I’m stuck in traffic, but my new obsession is having a jet! Look at this beauty!!!

Me heart G5.

Me heart G5.

Comfy enough for me!

Comfy enough for me!

Having pretty things are fun and all, but having the flexibility to jet set wherever and whenever you want, definitely allows you to see the world from a different set of “rose” lenses. I’d love to fly in my PJ’s, while having an awesome selection of my own foods on board (drools). Ok…I’ll leave you with that thought. =)

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