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Do you ever wonder how long your food is good for?


Stop throwing away your money and find out how long you can keep your food.

Well, I came across this really cool article on Re-Nest and thought it would be nice to share with you.   If you’re like me, there are those moments when I reach into the fridge, to only discover some old fruit or yogurt I had totally forgotten about.  Because most fruit and vegetables do not come with an expiration date, I guess you have to go by how it looks.  With other food items, it may be hard to judge whether or not it’s safe to eat it, so it usually ends up as rubbish.

Instead of prematurely throwing away your food, double check on this nifty website for additional information food storage and the safe amount of time you have to consume it.  It will probably end up saving you money in the long run, since throwing away food = throwing away money.  Be safe, eat well, and save yourself a stomach ache!  Enjoy!

Hello Kitty x Happy Birthday x Royal T

I love celebrating birthdays, and here’s your chance to join Hello Kitty for hers!  Royal T in Culver City is officially hosting a whole week long of special events leading up to Hello Kitty’s Birthday celebration on November 1st.


Special Hello Kitty inspired menu will be served, only for a limited time.

For a complete list of scheduled events, click here:

Picture 3

Click here for more info.

Good Eats: Thyme Cafe and Market


Here on the Westside, we’re so fortunate to have so many delicious eateries.  This afternoon I decided to check out Thyme Cafe out in Santa Monica, and the food was just divine!   The only caveat is that they close at 7pm daily.  =(

The seating is sparse, as there are only a couple of tables and 1 communal table.  Most of the customers ordered take-out, so the seating situation didn’t get ugly.  I would definitely not recommend taking a large group to Thyme because of the lack of seating and parking in the area.  They have a back lot, but that gets filled up very quickly.  Now, on to the good stuff.

Thyme Cafe’s menu features about 8 sandwiches and 8 salads, for just under $9.00.  It was a really tough choice, so I decided to get one of each.  They also feature a breakfast menu, ala cart items, pastries, and an extensive beverage selection.  I highly recommend the Chinese Chicken Salad because the dressing was flavorful and not over powering.  The wonton strips and lettuce were crisp and bell peppers definitely added a nice flavor to this salad.  The Ham & Brie bagette is one of my favorites over at Joans on 3rd, and Thyme’s version is absolutely delicious.  It is a light sandwich that is packed with robust flavors!

I must take JP with me next time.   And, then I can try the Pressed Salami Sandwich, or maybe the Steak Sandwich.  =)

A huge clock right as you enter.

Pre-packaged, ready to eat goody aisle A perfect view of all the desserts, as I was waiting patiently in line.Close up of the Coconut cupcakesGhostly decorated cupcakes...too cute to eat!102620092285102620092286102620092287102620092290102620092289102620092288

Funny Signs.

With so many serious things going on in life, it’s always fun to see a sign like this:

=)  It's quick and to the point.  Love it!

=) It's quick and to the point. Love it!

You can see this sign @ Mitsuwa in Torrance.  It's awesome written out in Japanese as well.

You can see this sign @ Mitsuwa in Torrance. It's also written out in Japanese as well.

Fall Gourmet Food Fair @ Mitsuwa (Torrance)

Phew, I am so happy to be starting up a new week. Last I had a couple of crazy a** days. I’m pretty laid back 99% of the time, but there are certain things that really irk me. Any who, this weekend was really fun and relaxing!!!

On Saturday, we lucked out and got a chance to try some of the Japanese goodies during the Fall Gourmet Food Fair @ Mitsuwa.

The line for the Okonomiyaki (Osaka Style) was about 10 ppl deep, but that didn’t deter me from waiting. =)

Then we had “waffles” from “Kobe-Fugetsudo. These yummy “waffles” were sooo delicious! You can choose from an assortment of “waffles” filled with custard, matcha red bean paste, and chestnut cream. Jp went with the matcha & azuki bean and I got the chestnut one.

Mr. Man is making okonomiyaki right before your eyes!

Mr. Man is making okonomiyaki right before your eyes!

Long line, because it takes awhile for okonomiyaki to cook.

Long line, because it takes awhile for okonomiyaki to cook.

Waffles from Fugetsudo.  Light, sweet, and full of flavor.

Waffles from Fugetsudo. Light, sweet, and full of flavor.



We All <3 Tiesto!

Just got a tip off to this freaking awesome vid/song by Tiesto.  Thanks Trinster!

Sneak Peak…Porsche Panamera

Jp and I stopped in to check out the Porsche Panamera in person yesterday, and it looks pretty good.  We both think it could use some sprucing up, with a full Mansory kit.  =)  Is it me, or does the car look naked?

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

Sporty gauges

Sporty gauges

Lots of controls in the middle console.

Lots of controls in the middle console area.


Now here’s what the Porsche Panamera will look like, after it gets the Mansory kit on it!

Mansory Porsche Panamera Kit

Mansory Porsche Panamera Kit