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Just Another Simple & Relaxing Saturday

Today JP and I woke up a beautiful sunny, but cool day.  We took the bikes out down to Venice to grab some breakfast.  Afterwards, we biked all the way to Santa Monica to stop by the Farmers Market.  I forgot to bring my basket (to attach on my bike), so we couldn’t buy too many things.  We picked up lots of veggies, asian pear, pomegranate, apples, and even honey straws!  I’m planning on picking up a juicer @ William Sonomas tomorrow, so I’m super excited to see what concoctions we come up with.  There’s nothing like a glass of fresh juice in the morning.  Will keep you posted on what turns out yummy.

After returning from our long bike ride, we took it easy and caught the matinee showing for Coco Before Chanel.  I highly recommend this movie, it was inspiring, intriguing, and very moving, to look inside the not so fabulous days of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.  This film really made me think about the sacrifices, heartaches, and challenges that many face today, however it is inspiring to know that Coco never gave up, despite hitting many rough patches in her lifetime.


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