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Be Eco-Chic…Recycle & Trade Your Clothing!

I’m always online searching around for eco-friendly tips, and luckily I stumbled across a super cool website called ThredUP.

Donating is very life giving, in more ways than you can imagine.  At random times during the year, I find myself sifting through my closet to put aside tops, dresses, coats, and even accessories to donate to my local church & Goodwill.  I must say that most of the items I’m giving away are of really good quality and value.

Soooo, ThredUP encourages you to recycle clothing through their super creative program.  Here’s how it works!  At ThredUP, they have you send in your goods, you specify on your profile what brands you’d like to receive and sizes you wear, then they will send you some clothes in exchange that are in the same brand tier!  It’s more like an exchange program, for your designer clothing!  It sounds like  a really cool concept, since you don’t know what you will be receiving in the exchange!  I still feel it’s important to donate, but I’m definitely going to give this a try as well.  Remember, these are expendable goods that were on the way out the door anyways, so why not swap them out and get some different threds!  It’s like getting a mystery bag of goodies in the mail. =)

The guys who started up this company are Harvard Busines School Grads, and I think they’ve got a really cool business model.  I can’t wait to see how popular it gets!  At this moment, you can only trade short/long/sleeveless shirts, however in the near future, they will add several new categories.  Check out their site and hopefully you’ll give it a try as well.

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