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Wanted posting by the Crepe Nazi!!!

Over on the westside, Sawtelle Blvd to be exact, there is the Crepe Nazi!!!  One look at his signs and you’ll immediately see why everyone calls him the Crepe Nazi.  The funny thing is, he hides behind all of his signs, so you never get to see his face!  Sooo, when you’re ordering food, to when you’re picking it up…you won’t see his face.  I’m super serious!

I heard he gets pretty angry when you change your order, or ask him him questions about the menu.  I’ve also heard that he messes up the orders too, and if you try to tell him that he screwed up, get ready…he’ll scream at you!

Anyways, I was walking pass his small crepe shop today and noticed a WANTED posting on this doors.  I think this guy is totally weird, and this WANTED posting confirmed it today.  See for yourself, better yet, go visit him.  =)

Read and see more pics of the Crepe Nazi on YELP!


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