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DIY Halloween Costume Accessories.

My dear friend Katherine is going to be Hello Kitty this Halloween, so we had to get creative and find the right outfit and accessories.  After scouring several stores, we realized that this is going to be a DIY kind of costume.  Soooo…Katherine made her own Hello Kitty furry ears from scrap materials at home, and I made a cute bow to affix over one of the ears.  And for the outfit, we plan to recycle one of my Halloween costumes from the previous year.  Can’t wait to see how everything looks, once it is all put together!

Supplies you need to make the bow:

–  Felt

–  Embroidery thread

–  Embroidery needles

–  Cotton (to stuff inside)

–  A good imagination!

Made of fuschia colored felt.

Fuschia bow, made out of felt.

Voila!  Now we're just missing the ears...

Voila! Now we're just missing the ears...

Supplies you’ll need for the ears:

–  Faux fur scrap pieces

–  wire clothes hanger (to add shape inside of it)

–  thread & needle

–  ribbon or  headband, to attach ears & bow

Made by Katherine!

Made by Katherine!


The choice of outfit was inspired by these two photos of Hello Kitty:


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