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Good Eats: Thyme Cafe and Market


Here on the Westside, we’re so fortunate to have so many delicious eateries.  This afternoon I decided to check out Thyme Cafe out in Santa Monica, and the food was just divine!   The only caveat is that they close at 7pm daily.  =(

The seating is sparse, as there are only a couple of tables and 1 communal table.  Most of the customers ordered take-out, so the seating situation didn’t get ugly.  I would definitely not recommend taking a large group to Thyme because of the lack of seating and parking in the area.  They have a back lot, but that gets filled up very quickly.  Now, on to the good stuff.

Thyme Cafe’s menu features about 8 sandwiches and 8 salads, for just under $9.00.  It was a really tough choice, so I decided to get one of each.  They also feature a breakfast menu, ala cart items, pastries, and an extensive beverage selection.  I highly recommend the Chinese Chicken Salad because the dressing was flavorful and not over powering.  The wonton strips and lettuce were crisp and bell peppers definitely added a nice flavor to this salad.  The Ham & Brie bagette is one of my favorites over at Joans on 3rd, and Thyme’s version is absolutely delicious.  It is a light sandwich that is packed with robust flavors!

I must take JP with me next time.   And, then I can try the Pressed Salami Sandwich, or maybe the Steak Sandwich.  =)

A huge clock right as you enter.

Pre-packaged, ready to eat goody aisle A perfect view of all the desserts, as I was waiting patiently in line.Close up of the Coconut cupcakesGhostly decorated cupcakes...too cute to eat!102620092285102620092286102620092287102620092290102620092289102620092288

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