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Our Anti-Turkey Dinner.

For Thanksgiving day this year, we decided to do a regular dinner, except we had to indulge in extra crabby legs! Our anti-turkey dinner consisted of:

Jean Georges Scallop Soup with Ginger & Leeks
Organic Caesar Salad
Broiled Chilean Sea Bass
Chilled Crabby Legs w/Classic Cocktail Sauce

And, Fuego had kibbles!

King Crabby Legs, Jumbo Sea Scallops, and Chilean Sea Bass...all from Santa Monica Seafood!

My buddy Mr. Turkey, stopped to take a photo with me @ Whole Foods. =)

The cutest (and smallest) Mini Cooper I’ve ever seen!

Had lunch @ Urth Cafe with JP today, and we saw this tiny Mini Cooper! It’s definitely smaller than our Smart, but still cute as a button.

The owner of the car said, he picked it up because he’s doing through a “midlife crisis”.   Ha Ha.

To all car fanatics…

Make sure to stop by Fatlace, to get coverage on the hottest rides this year @ SEMA 2009.   My personal favorite, the WALD BLACK BISON SKYLINE GTR @ Jonari’s booth.

Jonari Feat. the new Mercedes E-class, all pimped out with WALD & the WALD Black Bison Series GTR.

Recycle Your Wedding Gown!

Wonderful news! I just sold my gown to a beautiful bride-to-be in Asia. It feels so great passing on my gown, especially knowing that someone else can feel as luxurious and pretty as I did on my wedding day.

I highly recommend using, since they really do get a lot of traffic from brides-to-be from all around the world. For a nominal fee for $20 to post your gown/accessories, you can create your own customized sales posting. Potential customers can view photos and read specific details about your gown. Keep in mind that you need to be reasonable with your pricing, since everyone is looking for the best price they can get. You are competing against many other gowns on the site, so the key is to provide as much information as possible, and clear photos of your gown.

It was really hard parting ways with my gown, but I just know that it didn’t deserve to sit in my dark closet for the next 50 years!

Recycle and share your gown, so another bride can look and feel beautiful on her day too. Here is a sample of what my listing looked like.

Hello Kitty x Royal T

I finally made my way over to see the Hello Kitty gallery over @ Royal T with Young (and friends), and we had a blast! Here are some of my highlights! Enjoy.

Get your picture taken w/Miss Hello Kitty!



Good times!



Japanese girls, striking a pose on the press wall.


I ❤ Hello Kitty!"


Hello Kitty bling, by Kimora Lee Simmons


A wall full of cuteness!!!!


Hello Kitty Lisa! Too bad it's already sold. =(


My 2nd favorite painting...but, it was SOLD!


Hello Elvis!





Another piece I would've loved to own. =( It's SOLD!




Play the crane game, for your chance to win a limited edition hello kitty doll!


Toy and collectible displays.


Blinged out HK!


A tree of hundreds of hello kitty (and friends) charms!





Young was collecting admission at the door.


A huge Hello Kitty decal on the front of Royal T...can't miss her!


Lady Gaga x Hello Kitty Corset Collaboration


I love this Dear Daniel & Hello Kitty wedding set. I have one just like this!






Wish I had this Hello Kitty driver!!!


Hello Kitty bowling ball & guitar. Oh, kawaii!!!

6 Days In Las Vegas =)

Last week, I spent 6 days (yes, 6!) in Vegas!  The most common question I got was what in the world do you do in Vegas for 6 days, and lucky you, I’m about to show you.  Enjoy…

Scoured the magazine stands @ the airport for something interesting to read on the plane…


This is a the REAL cover for TIME Magazine

Packed our own mini bar!  Brought organic fruits from home (purchased from Farmers Market the day before), Twizzlers, Apple Chips, pistachios, and a tin full of green tea!


Eat your fruits!

Arrived @ the Wynn, and was greeted by 2 beautiful Lions…


My good luck charm.

Ventured off to Chinatown, for some non-westernized Chinese food…


Gambled at Encore, and checked out the 20 something foot crystal dragon that adorns the Wazuzu restaurant…


Wazuzu @ the Encore


Small replica is available for purchase @ the gift boutique.

Followed the red ornate carpet back home to Wynn, and got a glimpse of XS, sans the party goers…


Went to Venice (aka Venetian) and dined at Mario Batali’s famed San Marco Restaurant.


I highly recommend the Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza!  Thin, crispy, and very light crust.  Very authentic!


A view from my seat @ the San Marco Restaurant bar…


Lunch for 1!

Wandered the streets and saw the big show over @ Mirage.  It was spectacular!


Back to Chinatown for some Cajun seafood!  Our guests from Japan, ordered up a huge Heineken can…hilarious!


Dined at Wynn Buffet with a large group of friends.  Must say, Bellagio is still #1 in my book!


Admired some art, that reminded me of JP & Fuego!


Stood at the top of Palazzo and looked down to see, glittery coins at the top of the waterfall.  So pretty!



Dined @ my favorite restaurant Noodles, inside of Bellagio with Young & friend.



Soft, pillowy, and light fried tofu. Delicious!

My all time favorite @ Noodles…Flat rice noodle soup with bbq pork!


And, now…on to SEMA!   My show highlights!


The Lexus LFA in black carbon...Love it!


Lexus had limited edition artist prints made on-site!  I was so lucky and got the last one…150/150.  Thanks guys!


Artists in action.


There's mine!


Voila! 150/150

My fellow SMART buddies over at Smart Madness…


Camo Smart Rally!


Pinch. You're too cute.



@ the Honda booth, they had a really cool “Dog Friendly” accessories.  Here is the doggy bed that fits snuggly in the trunk!



Finally, at the airport…I ran into a crazy reptile on the floor (it’s not real, but it’s huge)!



Bye Bye Las Vegas…  They were smart an added these decorative planes in between the escalators.  You better think twice before sliding down the middle!!!  Ouchy.


And, if you’re wondering…

Did I gamble?              Yes!

Did I win or lose?        Walked away with $750 in cash money!

Wow, what did I play?   Blackjack!

Any shopping?    Of course!  Sephora, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Neiman Marcus, and Fresh.

Any clubs?   Lavo, Tao, & XS…all in one night.


Sharing Is Caring.

The holiday season is usually a time where people are more compassionate toward others. Sharing your love, affection, food, and resources is a nice way to spread joy.

Homelessness & hunger are a huge problem worldwide, especially here in LA. JP and I have definitely been more conscious when it comes to wasting food. We make an effort to put aside food that we’re not going to eat or finish, and have it packaged up to-go. We simply take it down to Santa Monica and drop it off with someone in need, so that their tummy may be also comforted with food. In recent months, we’ve also re-packaged our pillows (in their original plastic zippered bags), and brought those over to distribute as well.  Sleeping on the ground is definitely not comfortable, so we hope the pillows will give them some comfort to their aching bodies.

Most of us live each day and probably never think about how it feels to be homeless. Every time I drive down the street, I see men, women, and children, wandering the streets during the day, with no shelter to rest their tired bodies at the end of the evening.

People may assume that people are homeless because they are druggies or alcoholics, but many don’t realize that sometimes they are just down on their luck. Unemployment, divorces, and grievances takes a huge toll on your mental health, and it typically leads to depression, and then that  can lead to drug abuse or alcoholism. You get my point. I don’t think anyone in a healthy mental state would choose to be homeless.

So…whether it is today, tomorrow, or next year, do think about sharing your wealth with those who could use some assistance. If you could spare 1 can of food, a blanket, jacket, gloves, or shoes, that would make a world of difference.

Btw… CB2 has teamed up with the LA Regional Food Bank to take in donations for this holiday season. In return, they are giving 15% off your purchase.