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Sharing Is Caring.

The holiday season is usually a time where people are more compassionate toward others. Sharing your love, affection, food, and resources is a nice way to spread joy.

Homelessness & hunger are a huge problem worldwide, especially here in LA. JP and I have definitely been more conscious when it comes to wasting food. We make an effort to put aside food that we’re not going to eat or finish, and have it packaged up to-go. We simply take it down to Santa Monica and drop it off with someone in need, so that their tummy may be also comforted with food. In recent months, we’ve also re-packaged our pillows (in their original plastic zippered bags), and brought those over to distribute as well.  Sleeping on the ground is definitely not comfortable, so we hope the pillows will give them some comfort to their aching bodies.

Most of us live each day and probably never think about how it feels to be homeless. Every time I drive down the street, I see men, women, and children, wandering the streets during the day, with no shelter to rest their tired bodies at the end of the evening.

People may assume that people are homeless because they are druggies or alcoholics, but many don’t realize that sometimes they are just down on their luck. Unemployment, divorces, and grievances takes a huge toll on your mental health, and it typically leads to depression, and then that  can lead to drug abuse or alcoholism. You get my point. I don’t think anyone in a healthy mental state would choose to be homeless.

So…whether it is today, tomorrow, or next year, do think about sharing your wealth with those who could use some assistance. If you could spare 1 can of food, a blanket, jacket, gloves, or shoes, that would make a world of difference.

Btw… CB2 has teamed up with the LA Regional Food Bank to take in donations for this holiday season. In return, they are giving 15% off your purchase.



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