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Pure Genius! Piperoid!!!

Sooo, the new hot item I’m Jones’ing over are these 100% Japanese designed (and made) collectible characters.  Let me introduce you to Piperoid.  What is Piperoid you ask?  Well, think Robotron meets origami.  Still like WTF?  Well, these cool packages contain everything you need to make your very own Robot aka Piperoid masterpiece.  No glue needed…just a pair of scissors and your imagination.  Instructions are in English, so not to worry.

There are lots of Piperoid characters available, however they are a bit hard to find.  I read on another blog that they sold out in 2 hrs at some event up in SF, however I was lucky to find them at Kinokuniya in J-town.  I’ve always done origami as a kid, so I truly appreciate the effort in design and creativity it took to create Piperoid!  Start your own Piperoid clan now, or you’ll be missing out.

Available @ Kinokuniya SF

Here's the 1st pack I cracked open.

This is a close up, of how she'll turn out when I'm done. What a masterpiece!

It's like Robotron meets origami.

Another view of my robot masterpiece. Muahahaha.

Stay tuned, to see how my other robots

Day After Christmas: Out The Door (Westfield SF)

No trip to SF is complete without getting my Vietnamese food fix @ either Slanted Door or Out the Door.  I’m a huge fan of their Crispy Imperial Rolls, Beef Noodle Soup, freshly made Ginger Ale, and many of their other Vietnamese dishes.  It twas the day after Christmas, and I was about to start my shopping excursion, but needed to have a delicious lunch first.  Naturally, Out the Door the perfect solution, since it’s healthy, packed with flavor, and conveniently located in the posh food court area of Westfield SF.  Yummy in my tummy!

Crispy Imperial Rolls & Beef Noodle Soup...The meal of champions!

Christmas Day @ Fantasia

Sooo, on our way to visit my Granpa, we detoured to grab a quick drink from Fantasia.  Low and behold, there was a freaking massive line as we pulled up.  WTF!  I guess everyone and their Moms decided to detour to Fantasia too.  =(  Luckily, they make the drinks pretty darn fast, so we were back on the road shortly after our stop.  Fantasia is the only place that has Honey Green Tea with Grass Jelly & Lychee (chopped pieces) drink.  It is the best!

Looks like the secret is out..Fantasia is the go to place for your tea fix.

Christmas Eve @ ABC Cafe

Every year, JP and I spend Christmas with both sides of our family. Luckily they all gather in the Bay Area, so it’s easy to visit them both! It was mid-afternoon, and we were starving for something to eat. Dinner was at 8pm, and that seemed like light years away. Strolling down 3rd Avenue, we saw the bright neon lights from ABC Cafe calling our name.

Our first impression when we walked in was, OMG…this place is freaking huge! The menu featured pages and pages of noodles, appetizers, sizzling plates, and a huge variety of drinks. Alas, we were in food heaven! I really wanted to order the Christmas special, which was cheese baked lobster, seafood soup, and the dessert, however it just sounded like too much food for lil’ o me. I finally decided on BBQ Pork Rice Noodle Soup, Ginger Chicken Wings (appetizer), and JP ordered Hainan Chicken Rice.

Hainan Chicken Rice

BBQ Pork Rice Noodle

The best thing about this place is that its opens LATE! With such a huge menu and nice ambience, I’ll definitely be back here in the future. MmMmm.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you!!!!

My friend Jess, surprised me with 3 awesome gifts. They were thoughtful, and extra special, because she heard me mentioning how cool the Kid Robot displays are over @ SLS Hotel. Sooo…for an early Christmas present, she designed a pink Munny for me, and also gave me a medium sized Munny to decorate. Looky!

It's a naked Munny! Time to dress him up!

For the secret squirrel accessories, I got the hat, thunder bolt, a can, and a bad guy zombie zapper. Whoa...too cool

Munny designed by Jess! It's girly, eclectic, and super cool!

Here's the backside.

Merry *early* Christmas To Me!

LV Sofia Coppola Clutch

It’s good to treat yourself every once in awhile.  =)  This is a gift from me, to me!  And, here’s the best part…it has a couple of slots for your I.D. and credit card.  It’s the perfect clutch for dinner, or a fun night out on the town.  These pretty lil are limited, so if you likey, time to make a trip to your local LV boutique.

See me in JPY Magazine!

For those of you that live in SoCal, you can pick up a free JPY Magazine at most Japanese markets, ramen joints, and tea/dessert shops.  This is a quarterly magazine that has great tips on where to shop for cute fashionable clothes (like things you see on the girls in Japan), healthy places to lunch, and also the best nail salons (Japanese nail art).  This magazine will be on stands until February, so grab a copy and see if you can spot me out!

See me on TV!

I just filmed for a short segment for The Doctors, and you can catch me on in January!  They told me it’s scheduled to air on Thursday, January 7th or right around that date.  You have to tune in and watch me!  To find out what channel The Doctors is in your city, click on the image to be re-directed to their site for local listings.


It’s the Slap Chop Remix.  Heehehe..Please watch.  Guaranteed to make you giggle like a lil girl.

The Holidays Make Me Feel Warm, Loved, and Joyful.

We’re only 1 wk from Christmas, and I’m so excited to see JP open his gifts.  Of course, I never forget to pick out special things for my family and friends too.  This year, I decided to put a more personal touch to my gift giving, by making gift baskets and lil stocking stuffers for my friends.  I also made Fuego a mini stocking too!  We plan to fill it up to the brim with treats, and let him enjoy it while we’re opening our gifts.

This gift basket was the perfect gift for my neighbor Trisha.   It was full of healthy snacks from Trader Joes, a perfume fragrance from Aveda, and White Truffle oil from O & Co. (most favorite ingredient in my kitchen).

My gift basket creation!

"Worm" is my dog's nickname at home. I added a monkey, since he likes to sound like a monkey in public. It's embarrassing!

These mini bags and decal transfers are from JoAnns, and the cute tissue is from Border’s.   Sorry, can’t tell you what’s inside!

Lil stocking stuffer gifts inside!

I added some Christmas spirit to some of the mini gift bags.

Happy Holidays and don’t stress out about gift giving.  You don’t have to give, to show that you care.

Another beautiful sunset today. Happy Holidays!

How To Make Healthy Frozen Pops In 10 Minutes!

Most people tend to gain a few pounds over the holiday season because of all those decadent desserts, but why not be smart and make your own healthy treats.

I was in Williams Sonoma last week doing some Christmas shopping, and ran into this cute ice pop maker called Zoku. At first, I was really skeptical about it claiming to make frozen treats in about 7 minutes. Since WS has a great return policy, I decided to scoop one up and give it a try. WS carries really great products, and they also have really helpful sales reps that will answer any questions you have about the products they carry.

JP was at the store, so I told him to pick up some juice for the ice pop maker. He was a bit confused, but got some Santa Cruz juice for me anyways. I love that brand, since they don’t add extra sugar in their juices. He brought back Strawberry Lemonade and Pink Grapefruit. After 10 minutes, voila!

The magical Zoku frozen pop maker. Available @ Williams Sonoma.

There's the Strawberry Lemonade Pop! It was super tasty, and had a nice texture. Not too icy at all.

I Love Zoku!

You make me happy, when skies are gray…

WALD Black Bison Bentley

Sake, Champagne, Black Jack, and JP (another 24 hrs in Vegas)

Some flock to Vegas for the women, clubs, and for a wild time, however I went for an entirely different reason.  I just loss a very important person in my life, and to be honest, I’m just heart broken.  Feeling sad, restless, and just lost, I needed to go to a place that had flashing lights, sights, and constant sounds to keep me sane.  My love JP & I, found a flight and headed to the airport within hours after we booked.  Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a dear friend.  Here is a recap of our 24 hrs. in Vegas.

It started with Sake & dinner over @Sushi Samba.

Fresh diced mangos inside a honey ginger wonton crisp & Yuzu ice cream

A sea of fresh cranberries floated on a bed of water @ Palazzo in the great foyer. It was festive, bold, and just beautiful.

Close up of the cranberries.

Pizza was a must, at Mario Batali's famed San Marco restaurant...(the view from our table)

Towering polar bears made from fresh flowers @ Palazzo.

Admiring the beauty of the Venetian, before hitching a ride back home.

Hitched a ride back on the G4.

View from our seats on the jet.

Dinner consisted of crab legs, lobster tail, shrimp cocktail, mini sandwiches, beef chow fun, dim sum, and mini desserts. It was one of the best meals I've ever had in the sky!

Bouchon Bakery… #1 Macarons!

As many of you know, Jin’s Patisserie in Venice (Abbot Kinney St), has the best macarons I’ve ever tasted.  Even the ones over at the Ritz in MDR, don’t come close to the exquisite texture and flavor Jin’s has to offer.  I recently had a chance to try a macaron from Bouchon Bakery in Vegas, and was blown away at the texture and taste.  I tried their limited edition egg nog macaron, and it was so heavenly.

You can find a Bouchon Bakery inside of Venetian in Las Vegas.  Enjoy!

Egg Nog flavor macaron

It was a huge macaron, however the flavor and texture was perfect.

We <3 Shabu Shabu

It’s been awhile since I’ve been back in the OC.  I finally got a chance to meet up with some friends for a shabu shabu dinner.  There’s a really cool spot next to Shark’s in Costa Mesa called California Shabu and it’s really yummy.

This shabu spot, has Kid Robot-ish toys all over the walls. I love it!

How cute is this?!


My Doggy Is Ready For Christmas!

During these cold winter days, my doggy Fuego loves to sunbathe by the patio door.  Doesn’t he look adorable in his new sweater?!  Mommy picked it up from the guys over at D.O.G on La Cienaga.

Fuego loves you.

Sorry, I’ve been offline!

I’m back with wonderful photos to share with you since Thanksgiving. Great news…I’m proudly blogging from my brand spanking new Mac Book PRO!!!

Fresh out of the box!