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How To Make Healthy Frozen Pops In 10 Minutes!

Most people tend to gain a few pounds over the holiday season because of all those decadent desserts, but why not be smart and make your own healthy treats.

I was in Williams Sonoma last week doing some Christmas shopping, and ran into this cute ice pop maker called Zoku. At first, I was really skeptical about it claiming to make frozen treats in about 7 minutes. Since WS has a great return policy, I decided to scoop one up and give it a try. WS carries really great products, and they also have really helpful sales reps that will answer any questions you have about the products they carry.

JP was at the store, so I told him to pick up some juice for the ice pop maker. He was a bit confused, but got some Santa Cruz juice for me anyways. I love that brand, since they don’t add extra sugar in their juices. He brought back Strawberry Lemonade and Pink Grapefruit. After 10 minutes, voila!

The magical Zoku frozen pop maker. Available @ Williams Sonoma.

There's the Strawberry Lemonade Pop! It was super tasty, and had a nice texture. Not too icy at all.

I Love Zoku!

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