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Pure Genius! Piperoid!!!

Sooo, the new hot item I’m Jones’ing over are these 100% Japanese designed (and made) collectible characters.  Let me introduce you to Piperoid.  What is Piperoid you ask?  Well, think Robotron meets origami.  Still like WTF?  Well, these cool packages contain everything you need to make your very own Robot aka Piperoid masterpiece.  No glue needed…just a pair of scissors and your imagination.  Instructions are in English, so not to worry.

There are lots of Piperoid characters available, however they are a bit hard to find.  I read on another blog that they sold out in 2 hrs at some event up in SF, however I was lucky to find them at Kinokuniya in J-town.  I’ve always done origami as a kid, so I truly appreciate the effort in design and creativity it took to create Piperoid!  Start your own Piperoid clan now, or you’ll be missing out.

Available @ Kinokuniya SF

Here's the 1st pack I cracked open.

This is a close up, of how she'll turn out when I'm done. What a masterpiece!

It's like Robotron meets origami.

Another view of my robot masterpiece. Muahahaha.

Stay tuned, to see how my other robots

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