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What do you think about the iPad!

New Shoes!

My sexy Panamera, with new shoes!

Bitch Bubbly

Was browsing through the drinks section @ Whole Foods and came across Bitch Bubbly! Hahha, it was too cute, so I had to take a pic of it. On the back of the label it reads, bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch etc…

Available @ Whole Foods.

Dinner w/Katherine & JP @ Cho Sun Galbeeeeeeeeee!

You must try: Naeng Myun @ Cho Sun Galbee. I <3.

Can't go wrong with Bulgogi!

We <3 Brodard Chateau

Nem Nuong Cuon…OMG! So delicious! Too bad we didn’t order Soda Chanh Extreeeeeeeeme.

Sunset, after the rain

View from the living room.

Sooo beautiful!

Homemade Dessert: Poached Asian Pears w/Ginger Ice Cream

We rarely eat dessert, but when we do, it’s got to be extra yummy!

Funny Stuff in Hollywood

Nice license plate buddy.


Excited about…

A new recipe I found on  I have yet to try it, but it sure looks yummy!   Looks like I’ll have to make a trip to SM Seafood later this week.   Or maybe I should save this one for Valentine’s Day!

Vietnamese Ginger Dungeness Crab

Battle of the Macarons

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Williams Sonoma is offering heart shaped macarons on their website.  A+ for presentation, however I’m not sure how they would taste.  Here are my favorite picks:

#1  Bouchon Bakery

#2  Jin’s Patisserie

#3  Jerne @ Ritz Carlton MDR

Heart Shaped macarons from WS

Adorable Critters!

I love, love, love animals, especially furry ones. I’m an avid reader of, and came across an article with lots of cute critters.  Thought it would be nice to share my favs with you.

Mr. Red Panda

Miss Fennec Fox

Mr. or Miss Piglet Squid

Read Full Article HERE!

Yes, it’s 2010.

New Year, new toys.  =)  Any New Year resolutions for me?  Nope.  Just gonna keep smiling, be grateful everyday, stay motivated, and continue to inspire my family & friends to live well.

Vroooom. Cooking mama likes to go fast!

I’m Listening To…

Miss Alicia Keys…

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Photo Credit: Larissa Cleveland

Day dreaming about the warm, sunny days, and summer-like days we had just weeks ago.  Above is a beautiful photo of the sunsetting in Venice Beach, CA.

DIY Wedding Projects

Weddings are supposed to be fun, special, and definitely not stressful.  I’ve heard countless stories about people stressing over their  wedding budget, but I’m happy to share some great ideas for some DIY wedding ideas.  Whether you’re having your wedding @ the Ritz, or just at your favorite gallery spot, every wedding can be spruced up with beautiful decorations.

For my wedding, I handmade all of my menus, table numbers, and place cards.  I know Michaels and other craft stores offer ready made pieces, but why not spend a little more time not money and make your wedding really stand out.  I purchased all of my supplies from Paper Source, and they have a wide assortment of colors, pre-cut papers, hundreds of stamps, dozens of embossing powers, and high quality papers to choose from.

DIY Table Menus

Supplies You’ll Need:

– Paper Source Pre-Folded Tent (comes in pkgs of 12)

–  Paper Source 8×11 pearly paper (comes in pkgs of 12)

–  Rubber Stamp & Ink Pad (any craft store)

–  Embosser Heat Tool (Paper Source)

–  Glittery, Clear, or Matte Embossing Powder (Paper Source)

–  Inkjet or Laser Printer  (any)

–  Glue (double stick tape doesn’t work well)

1.  Layout menu and print on high quality 8×11 paper (i used a pearly/shimmery ivory)

2.  Measure the space on your table tent, and mount the menu (w/glue) with a colored sheet of paper.

3.  Assemble all the pieces together and glue them done.

4.  Wait until everything is completely dry, then use your favorite stamp to embellish your menu.

5.  Use ink pad, stamp, sprinkle embossing power, then use embossing heat tool to set your design.

6.  Voila!  You have a gorgeous table menu, to display your delectable fare for the afternoon/evening.  We did 1 per table, since we had 25 tables total.

Crazy Monkeys, Tried to Take JP!

Okay okay, they didn’t take him, but they wanted more!  During JP’s fabulous excursion to Osaka last year, he texted me frantically, talking about some crazy monkeys.  I was a bit confused at first, but as the photos started pouring in, I began to scratch my head.  Could JP be in danger?  And, why is that monkey all up close and personal.

Turns out, JP & his friend were driving through Mino (Japan) and these monkeys are notorious for just hanging out.  Like, literally hanging from peoples cars and lounging around on the road.  It’s totally their stomping grounds.  As they were driving through this area, a monkey jumped on the car and peeked inside.  His friend said it was totally normal and that they just wanted food.   Hehehehe.  If I was there, I’d roll down the window and slap him (or her) with a banana!  Or maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea, since it would attract the other monkeys to roll out and attack me (and the car).  Either way, I wouldn’t let them mess with me or JP!

Pretty Pretty Views

AHHH! So, JP snapped this with his camera. The monkey latched onto the car, and was staring him down for some food.

See, these monkeys totally need to get whacked with a banana or something. Could seriously cause an accident by scaring ppl! This was the car next to them.

Just chilling...waiting for the next car to harass. Kind of reminds me of the guys that try to wash your windows on La Cienaga when you're stopped at the light. Haahah.. You know what I'm talking about.

What Is Love?!

Love is, homemade Chicken Pot Pie.

Heart shaped ramekins from Whole Foods, Pie Mold from Wiliiams Sonoma

Fresh out of the oven...smells delicious!

Dinner for 2, served with love!

The filling inside is gooey and full of flavor. Ckn, celery, carrots, and onions. Simple, but good eats!

If you’re interested in the recipe, drop me a msg!  I’ll be happy to share.

Road Trip: Palm Dessert/Indian Wells

Over the weekend, we took off for a fabulous road trip to Palm Dessert/Indian Wells for JP’s tennis matches.   This was my 1st time back to the Palm Dessert area, every since I was a lil girl.  Not knowing what to expect, I cleared my mind and made the best of our road trip together.

3 Targets, 2 Walmarts, 2 In N Outs, and 50 gazillion palm trees later, we finally made it to Palm Dessert.  Oh yea, did I mention we stopped by Dessert Hills Outlet, where retail stuff goes to die the super popular place people rave and rant about for great deals?!  We hopped off and quickly walked around the outlet, only to discover that we were bamboozled!  If we can never find anything good @ Neiman Marcus or any other sales locally, then what in the world we were doing at the outlets?!  I guess some people get lucky, and find something decent at these outlets.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good deal, but paying $800 for a lime green Prada bag is not my idea of a steal!  I can see why it was tossed into the dessert, for touristas and deal hunters to go wild for.  Any who, it’s definitely a spot you’d want to stop off, if you want to have some free time away from your in-laws or passengers in your car.  haahhahah.  You can keep them entertained for hours and hours!!!

On the road again...

@ the Dessert Hills Outlets...errr.

Got bored, and decided to hop into a new ride.

Had dinner @ Tommy Bahamas Cafe... The dessert tray looked yummy, but we def. passed on those!

I always feel lucky, when I'm out of town.

Lucky 8's! Why not?! Okay, after scratching this ticket, it was a reminder why I DON't buy these suckers!!! I'll stick to black jack. =)

Surrounded by lush gold courses, awesome tennis courts, and pimped out golf carts. A quick pic driving up to the country club where JP was playing.

Point Happy shopping plaza. What a cute name!

24 hours later, we bounced and headed back home to LA.  Indian Wells is definitely nice and every golfers dream, but it just didn’t have the craziness and spunk of LA.  =)

Lost in translation.

Jp & I had to venture out to Rowland Heights/Diamond Bar area, and the traffic was horrendous on the way back. We stopped off @ JJ Bakery Cafe to grab a quick bite. I used to always to go the JJ Bakery in Irvine, but this was the 1st time dining @ the Cafe. We ordered up some small plates, and iced honey green tea.

Before ordering, I kindly asked the waitress, how many pieces were in each order. And, she replied 1 order 1 piece. So, JP & I placed our orders in and waited patiently. About 10 minutes later, plates and plates of food started coming out. We both looked really puzzled, as to why we had some much food. Did we really order that much?!

So, here’s what we ordered:

2 taiwanese burgers
2 beef rolls
1 simmered bean curd
1 spicy cucumber
1 sticky rice w/pork sung & chinese sausage

And, here’s what we got:

If 1 order, 1 piece were correct, we clearly wouldn’t have this much foooood! So, we were laughing and saw the workers glance over at us from time to time. I told JP that they were probably chuckling and placing bets on whether we could finish all that food. It was either that, or they thought we had just smoked out or something. Hahhaah. I guess JP should’ve busted out with his fine Mandarin skills.

My New Juicer.

Love, love, love, my new Breville juicer from Crate and Barrel. Every other day, I make fresh juice and keep it in the fridge for the next morning. Once you’re spoiled with the fresh taste, you’ll be reluctant to go back to bottled ones. Sorry, Naked…i’m totally cheating on you. =(

I always keep my fridge stocked with fresh OJ, apple, and carrot juice. My specialty is a blend of all 3, and it’s so delicious. Another favorite of mine from Eple (@ the Grove) is Apple Ginger. I’m going to have to try that at home next time.

I made a fresh batch to take with me over the wknd, but discovered that my internal calendar was totally off. I thought it was already Friday, but today is Thursday. So, I had to finish up the juices I made and packed for the weekend. =(


Very Shagadelic!

Shall we shag now or shag later?! hhahahahahaa.

Our new addition to home. A charcoal gray shagadelic rug!

Almond Jello is super easy to make, except when…

the instructions are in Japanese!!!  So, it took some extra secret decoding to make almond jello today.   I usually buy a different brand, but just grabbed whatever I could find @ Mitsuwa.   First off, the instructions are in Japanese, and all I could do is go by the photos.  Then, the measurements were in ml, not cups!   Any who, the end result was delicious!

Heart shaped almond jello....yummy.

A Perfect Gift…For Your Walls

I ran across a cute Japanese gift boutique in Venice, and saw this awesome doggy butt mantle!  The photos speak for themselves…

Pull the string for a surprise!

Sausages anyone?!

Tea Time & Jin’s

Espresso for him, and tea for the lady...