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Happy Happy New Year!

We kicked off the New Year with some good friends, and also ended up @ the Red Bull NYE event down in Long Beach. The moments leading up to Travis’s record breaking car jump, was exhilarating, as you can hear/see the helicopters circle around, the bright flood lights, and the roaring sounds of spectators. Luckily, we had a great view from the 2-story Red Bull hospitality lounge. The jump happen so fast, that I was wanting him to do it again. =)

Watch it here:

Here are some photos from the Red Bull “Energy Lounge”. Open bar drinks flowed all night, with an endless supply of Red Bull Energy drinks. All guests received a beanie or scarf as a commemorative gift.

We watched Travis Pastrana's record breaking!

No party is complete, without a Red Bull DISCO BALL!

DJ Sleeper..holding down the fort!

Whoa, Go-Go dancers are getting really young! This lil baby girl had the moves! Stay tuned for the vid.

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