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Crazy Monkeys, Tried to Take JP!

Okay okay, they didn’t take him, but they wanted more!  During JP’s fabulous excursion to Osaka last year, he texted me frantically, talking about some crazy monkeys.  I was a bit confused at first, but as the photos started pouring in, I began to scratch my head.  Could JP be in danger?  And, why is that monkey all up close and personal.

Turns out, JP & his friend were driving through Mino (Japan) and these monkeys are notorious for just hanging out.  Like, literally hanging from peoples cars and lounging around on the road.  It’s totally their stomping grounds.  As they were driving through this area, a monkey jumped on the car and peeked inside.  His friend said it was totally normal and that they just wanted food.   Hehehehe.  If I was there, I’d roll down the window and slap him (or her) with a banana!  Or maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea, since it would attract the other monkeys to roll out and attack me (and the car).  Either way, I wouldn’t let them mess with me or JP!

Pretty Pretty Views

AHHH! So, JP snapped this with his camera. The monkey latched onto the car, and was staring him down for some food.

See, these monkeys totally need to get whacked with a banana or something. Could seriously cause an accident by scaring ppl! This was the car next to them.

Just chilling...waiting for the next car to harass. Kind of reminds me of the guys that try to wash your windows on La Cienaga when you're stopped at the light. Haahah.. You know what I'm talking about.

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