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Lost in translation.

Jp & I had to venture out to Rowland Heights/Diamond Bar area, and the traffic was horrendous on the way back. We stopped off @ JJ Bakery Cafe to grab a quick bite. I used to always to go the JJ Bakery in Irvine, but this was the 1st time dining @ the Cafe. We ordered up some small plates, and iced honey green tea.

Before ordering, I kindly asked the waitress, how many pieces were in each order. And, she replied 1 order 1 piece. So, JP & I placed our orders in and waited patiently. About 10 minutes later, plates and plates of food started coming out. We both looked really puzzled, as to why we had some much food. Did we really order that much?!

So, here’s what we ordered:

2 taiwanese burgers
2 beef rolls
1 simmered bean curd
1 spicy cucumber
1 sticky rice w/pork sung & chinese sausage

And, here’s what we got:

If 1 order, 1 piece were correct, we clearly wouldn’t have this much foooood! So, we were laughing and saw the workers glance over at us from time to time. I told JP that they were probably chuckling and placing bets on whether we could finish all that food. It was either that, or they thought we had just smoked out or something. Hahhaah. I guess JP should’ve busted out with his fine Mandarin skills.

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