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Road Trip: Palm Dessert/Indian Wells

Over the weekend, we took off for a fabulous road trip to Palm Dessert/Indian Wells for JP’s tennis matches.   This was my 1st time back to the Palm Dessert area, every since I was a lil girl.  Not knowing what to expect, I cleared my mind and made the best of our road trip together.

3 Targets, 2 Walmarts, 2 In N Outs, and 50 gazillion palm trees later, we finally made it to Palm Dessert.  Oh yea, did I mention we stopped by Dessert Hills Outlet, where retail stuff goes to die the super popular place people rave and rant about for great deals?!  We hopped off and quickly walked around the outlet, only to discover that we were bamboozled!  If we can never find anything good @ Neiman Marcus or any other sales locally, then what in the world we were doing at the outlets?!  I guess some people get lucky, and find something decent at these outlets.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good deal, but paying $800 for a lime green Prada bag is not my idea of a steal!  I can see why it was tossed into the dessert, for touristas and deal hunters to go wild for.  Any who, it’s definitely a spot you’d want to stop off, if you want to have some free time away from your in-laws or passengers in your car.  haahhahah.  You can keep them entertained for hours and hours!!!

On the road again...

@ the Dessert Hills Outlets...errr.

Got bored, and decided to hop into a new ride.

Had dinner @ Tommy Bahamas Cafe... The dessert tray looked yummy, but we def. passed on those!

I always feel lucky, when I'm out of town.

Lucky 8's! Why not?! Okay, after scratching this ticket, it was a reminder why I DON't buy these suckers!!! I'll stick to black jack. =)

Surrounded by lush gold courses, awesome tennis courts, and pimped out golf carts. A quick pic driving up to the country club where JP was playing.

Point Happy shopping plaza. What a cute name!

24 hours later, we bounced and headed back home to LA.  Indian Wells is definitely nice and every golfers dream, but it just didn’t have the craziness and spunk of LA.  =)

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