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Field trip to Quality Seafood @ Redondo Beach

My cousin from out of town stopped by and visited us. It was sooo much fun. We hung out at home, then headed over to have dinner @ Quality Seafood. We picked out 2 dungeness crabs, 2 dozens of oysters, fried squid, and a side order of fries!

Hama Hama oysters & Kumamoto's

Giant pitcher of raspberry iced tea!

After we picked out the crabs, they gave us a ticket and told us it would take 20 mins to steam the crabs!

Lots of fried food combos available.

Fresh seafood!

If you like to eat…sign up @ Black Board Eats!

If you’re a foodie like me, then you gotta sign up @ Black Board Eats.  You basically get emails for exclusive restaurants promos in LA or NY.  I’m new to this, but so far it looks legit.  If you’re wanting to try new restaurants, this may just get you there much faster, and save you some $$$.

Sample of the types of “unreal” deals they send out to BB Eats members…

Best Pics from Mcginns Surprise Bday!

There’s Trin, with his stunna glasses!

Dizzle w.the mini kegerator.

Papa Goose & Baby Goose x Jordans

Capital Grille…coming to S. Coast Plaza.

Hey Disa,

Looks like Capital Grill is opening up soon.  Jp said we’d definitely be able to find you there.  hahahha.

Capital Grille coming to the OC

Baby Jordans!

I finally met Papa Guzman’s lil baby boy, and he’s sooooooo cute.  He even had matching Jordans like his Pops.

Baby Jordans. Me likey.

DIY Birthday Treats!

Happy Happy Birthday (well belated now) to Mcginn!   Had a fun time last night as his surprise bday shindig.  I had to bring something homemade, so I whipped up a new batch of my cookies, and made a couple of smaller treat bags for a couple of my special friends.

Lunch @ Brodard Chateau.

Lizzle and Dizzle style.

2 Lychee Iced Teas
10 (yes 10) Nem Nuon Cuons!

Yep, 10!

Just in time for Easter…

Yes, I know it’s still February, but Easter is just around the corner.  I recently stumbled across this photo of the World’s Largest Rabbit named Bodmin.  They say he eats whole cabbages and lettuces, however he looks like he eats kids for breakfast.

This is like the “cujo” version for bunnies.  So kids, you still want a bunny for Easter?

DIY Home Office

I’m really excited about my business, and next step is to set up my cute home office.  I’ve been shopping around for file cabinet, but most of them are so plain & ugly.  =(  I came across a website (sorry dont remember the url), but they had some tips on how to dress up plain o’ file cabinets with wallpaper.  I might just have to try this myself.  Here’s their example, and I love it.

Oh yea, and so far, Fuego has volunteered to be my door man.  He’s loyal, tough, and will work for kibbles.  Don’t let him fool you.  He’s trained to attack on command.  Tisk tisk.

Cookie Monster!

I just made Organic Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies from scratch.  Without the choc. chips, this cookie is 90 calories.  Fabulous!

Fresh out of the oven...mMmmmm, smell delicious!

Welcome home Pad See Ew!

After weeks of frolicking all over Thailand and Philippines, Pad See Ew is finally back! Welcome home and hope to see you soon. Loved your photos. Tigers, flesh eating flesh, tranny tour guides, and lovely wedding photos. Looks like you had a blast!

Happy Ice Cream!

Las Vegas (day 2) Bellagio

So, after Aria & The Crystals, we took the train over to Bellagio.   If you go to the 3rd floor of The Crystals, there is a skyway train that takes you to Bellagio & Vdara.  It’s fast, free, and super convenient.

Jean Philippe @ Bellagio has the World's longest chocolate fountain!

The chocolate fountain starts from the ceiling, then loops around and goes down.

And, then gently flows down to a dish and goes back through the fountain!

Entering the botanical gardens @ Bellagio

Dozens of red lanterns adorned the garden.

Panda and his cub, made out of foliage.

Bellagio had the most beautiful Chinese New Year display.

Thousands of yellow mums!

Bellagio's lucky tiger. I like the Palazzo one better!

A traditional Chinese New Year makeover, behind the front desks @ Bellagio

On the way out, I had to snap a pic of this sparking horsey.

And, how could I forget this masterpiece! Hundreds of hand blown glass adorn the Bellagio ceiling.

Las Vegas (day 2) The Crystals @ City Center

After venturing to Aria, we walked over to The Crystals, which is a huge shopping plaza filled with every high end boutique you can think of.  Inside, you’ll also find popular LA restaurants such as Mastro’s, Beso (by Eva Longoria), and Wolfgang Puck.  This shopping complex is definitely huge, modern, but it’s just too empty.  I know they will be adding more stores, but there is too much dead space.

My first impression when we walked into The Crystals was that it felt cold & desolate.  The massive amounts of space, created an uncomfortable feeling.  It felt more like a museum, and the store fronts were just works of art.  Which explains why everyone just glared at the window displays and kept walking.  It’s a great place to get some exercise in, since the walkways are super wide.

Beso and Club Eve

Mastros Ocean Club Restaurant

From the 2nd floor looking down.

Giant ice glow sticks display.

2 story Louis Vuitton store for you LV lovers!

Another nice LV window display

Indoor hurricane water exhibit. Very science museum-ish.

The pattern on this grand stair case is made from gemstones and rocks! I had to look up close to realize that they were all embedded to create that beautiful pattern.

Las Vegas (day 2) – Sneak Peak of Aria Hotel

All the major hotels in Vegas, g0t decked out for Chinese New Year.  So naturally, I snapped some photos to share with everyone.  Also, we had the chance to visit the new Aria hotel/casino and The Crystals.    Enjoy my photos!

Very ornate traditional dragon adorns the Wynn casino.

Lunch in Chinatown @ Pho Kim Loan

My fresh young coconut drink was so refreshing. Sometimes, you just have to venture off the strip for some good eats!

Back entrance of the Aria Hotel/Casino. The architecture was out of this world!

Aria's hotel gift shop is looking pretty snazzy.

Jean Philippe's Patisserie is enormous! It's a dessert lovers paradise.

Towering mini cakes adorned the patisserie.

More minis!

You can find swanky restaurants like Cafe Vettro@ Aria

My favorite bar/lounge @ Aria called THE VIEW

Close up of the pink & gold bar. Love it!

Another swanky restaurant @ Aria.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! Kung Hei Fat Choy!

We had the most awesome trip to Vegas over the weekend.  Celebrated both Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day @ the Palazzo.

I played blackjack, dined at Noodles (Bellagio)/Lavo (Palazzo), walked the strip, and also had a chance to just relax and catch the Olympics on TV.

Funniest moment of the entire trip: When we were at the blackjack table, we heard another guy scream out of excitement.  He said, “omg, I just almost crapped in my pants”!  Hahhaha, I guess he won big.  We turned around and looked at him, and he said to us, “i’m serious, i almost did”.  Hhahahah

Best thing I ate: Noodle soup w/poached chicken (Noodles Restaurant @ Bellagio)

Best hand @ blackjack: Dealer was showing a 6, I had 15.  I hit and pulled a 6 and got 21!   F*ck their rule book!

Mango smoothie @ Grand Lux (Palazzo)

Couldn't resist playing with my food. =P

Palazzo was very festive this year, with a huge tiger display in the foyer. It's year of the tiger! Rawr!

Fruit bearing trees lined the VIP Salon, w/lucky red envelopes.

Hahha, it looks like someone literally took a bite out of one of the fruits on the tree. Ewww, gross. It wasn't me.

Bright red & gold lanterns floating above us @ Palazzo.

A close up of this beautiful tiger @ Palazzo.

JP flew straight from Japan, and swung by Vegas to spend the weekend with me.  He even brought back some gifts for me.  It was super thoughtful of him, since he brought back all of my favorites.  Looky!

No trip to Japan is complete, w/o bringing back Tokyo Bananas! Ooo, ooo, eee, eee! Oh yes, and ViVi magazine.

Yuzu candy and ichigo daifuku (strawberry mochi)!!!!!!!!

Green tea Kit Kat! Limited flavor.

Secret gift from Aranzi Aronzo!

A super cute coin purse from Aranzi Aronzo.

I made Mr. Bear have the 1st taste of my green tea Kit Kats!

My winnings in 5 minutes of blackjack!

Giant plush chips! They look like candy...i must eat!

Gift from Japan! Thank you Manami! It's lovely.

See, Vegas knows how to do it up. Patron silver got its own display case, w/pink shots glasses below. Available in the sundries shop @ Bellagio.

Saturday brunch down on Abbot Kinney

Last Saturday, I finally got a chance to catch up with a good friend (and neighbor) for brunch and afternoon tea. We stopped off at 3 Square cafe for brunch and bellinis, and then walked over to meet someone at the trendy Intelligentsia coffee bar. What a fun day! I was shacked up in the home for most of the week, just working on my new business venture. It was nice to get some fresh air, chat, and enjoy good food.

Hi Trisha!

I don't do coffee, but I did have Dragonwell green tea. It was okkkk.

This dog walked up to me and scared the cr*p out of me! He turned out to be really sweet.

Only in SoCal, will you see super furry bikes. No, these don't belong to me.

2010 Winter Olympics! Hooray!

Don’t forget to tune in and watch the opening ceremony tonight.

Fun fact:  My cousin was selected to carry the Olympic torch, many years ago in Kansas!

The cute olympic mascots! Miga, Quatchi, Mukmuk and Sumi

Look, there's me & JP!

Learn more about the artists who created these cute mascots!  2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

Year of the Tiger…Rawr!

I know that Christian Audinger and Tony the Tiger are dancing around in their birthday suits (and jumping for joy), because it is the year of the Tiger (rawr).  I must admit that I’m pretty freaking ecstatic myself!  Btw, I hear Christian Audinger is about to go backwards in time and design clothing that will be brand-less.  Ahem, that’s already been done by American Apparel, but I guess C.Audinger is finally learning that less is more.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s already sold a ton of Ed Hardy t-shirts, hoodies, lighters, and all the chotsky things you can think of.

This New Year, marks a very important time in my life.  So much has happened since my days at HIN, and now it is officially time to set new goals.  The ship has indefinitely sunk, and I feel like that chapter of my life has sealed shut.  I feel refreshed, excited, and eager to be working on my new business venture.

I’ve also realized that I don’t have time to listen to ppl complain anymore.  If you’re healthy and still have a pulse, it is time to jump in the captain seat and take control of your life!  Effort and motivation propel you forward, while excuses will put you at the back of the bus.  Life is about trial and error, whether we like it or not.

Live well, inspire, and spread your wealth.  We all have the capacity to love, share, and to be compassionate.  I hope everyone will have a wonderful New Year celebration this weekend.  And if you’re confused about what I’m talking about, Chinese New Year falls on 2/14 this year.  Go Tiger, rawr!

One day, I will…

purchase a luxurious modern home, that will have a special place for JP’s cars to be displayed.  Hey, we’re car people.   =)  I’m thinking  something like this will definitely work.


(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)



(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)



(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)


This house is in Brentwood, and the owner is currently facing some scrutiny about the bridge way he built to drive his cars straight into his home.  I personally think his neighbors are just plain jealous.  His home has won many architectural awards and I personally feel that it has been tastefully designed.  You can read more about the article here:,0,4655518.story

The greatest board game of all time, just got remixed.

Introducing, the new face lifted Monopoly! I don’t know about you, but I am a die hard fan of Monopoly. Just last year, I bought the “money less” version, that featured the debit card system. This new look definitely has me interested. Might have to run to Target (tar-jeh) to try it out.

Monopoly by Hasbro

Keeping cozy, in my ugly Uggs!

My toes are nice and toasty.

Cutest cookies in Truckee (Tahoe)

In downtown Truckee, you’ll find a limited (but good) selection of bars, restaurants, local bakeries, and shops filled with nostalgic items.  I must say, the only thing that caught my eye, were these “tahoe” themed cookies.

Snowmen cookies!

How about polar bears or flowers!

Or, how about a bear cookie.

The biggest icicle, like ever.

Impressive...that's massive!