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Field trip to Quality Seafood @ Redondo Beach

My cousin from out of town stopped by and visited us. It was sooo much fun. We hung out at home, then headed over to have dinner @ Quality Seafood. We picked out 2 dungeness crabs, 2 dozens of oysters, fried squid, and a side order of fries!

Hama Hama oysters & Kumamoto's

Giant pitcher of raspberry iced tea!

After we picked out the crabs, they gave us a ticket and told us it would take 20 mins to steam the crabs!

Lots of fried food combos available.

Fresh seafood!

If you like to eat…sign up @ Black Board Eats!

If you’re a foodie like me, then you gotta sign up @ Black Board Eats.  You basically get emails for exclusive restaurants promos in LA or NY.  I’m new to this, but so far it looks legit.  If you’re wanting to try new restaurants, this may just get you there much faster, and save you some $$$.

Sample of the types of “unreal” deals they send out to BB Eats members…

Best Pics from Mcginns Surprise Bday!

There’s Trin, with his stunna glasses!

Dizzle w.the mini kegerator.

Papa Goose & Baby Goose x Jordans

Capital Grille…coming to S. Coast Plaza.

Hey Disa,

Looks like Capital Grill is opening up soon.  Jp said we’d definitely be able to find you there.  hahahha.

Capital Grille coming to the OC

Baby Jordans!

I finally met Papa Guzman’s lil baby boy, and he’s sooooooo cute.  He even had matching Jordans like his Pops.

Baby Jordans. Me likey.

DIY Birthday Treats!

Happy Happy Birthday (well belated now) to Mcginn!   Had a fun time last night as his surprise bday shindig.  I had to bring something homemade, so I whipped up a new batch of my cookies, and made a couple of smaller treat bags for a couple of my special friends.