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Things you need to know, before traveling to Tokyo.

For many years, JP & I have traveled to Tokyo for business.  We frequent an area called Roppongi Hills, which is known for the famous Mori Building, posh boutiques, trendy hotels, and a slew of beautiful Japanese women.  My 1st impression of Tokyo, was just sensory overload.  They have great local cuisine, thousands of fashion boutiques, nightlife, and a transit system we can only dream of having here in LA.

Aside from all the cool stuff we got to see and experience, I always had an uneasy feeling about the stuff that probably goes on behind the scenes.  The nightlife in Toyko  is a bit sketchy, and features tons of “hostess” bars, which features scantily clad women serving up drinks (any many other services).  By day, you witness the hustle and bustle in the subway and on the streets.  By night, Roppongi Hills is filled with well dressed Japanese women (in group of 2 or 3), hanging in and around hotel lobbies.  As you venture closer to Roppongi Crossing, you’ll see  an eclectic mix of scantily clad Japanese women, Nigerian bouncers, and a mix of tourists.  I couldn’t help but wonder, what type of stuff goes down in those “hostess” bar establishments.  Things just seemed a bit fishy to me.  Well, I just came across an article in LA Times about Roppongi Hills, and types of crimes that flourish this ultra trendy area.  If you’re thinking about traveling to Tokyo, please read this article.

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