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Year of the Tiger…Rawr!

I know that Christian Audinger and Tony the Tiger are dancing around in their birthday suits (and jumping for joy), because it is the year of the Tiger (rawr).  I must admit that I’m pretty freaking ecstatic myself!  Btw, I hear Christian Audinger is about to go backwards in time and design clothing that will be brand-less.  Ahem, that’s already been done by American Apparel, but I guess C.Audinger is finally learning that less is more.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s already sold a ton of Ed Hardy t-shirts, hoodies, lighters, and all the chotsky things you can think of.

This New Year, marks a very important time in my life.  So much has happened since my days at HIN, and now it is officially time to set new goals.  The ship has indefinitely sunk, and I feel like that chapter of my life has sealed shut.  I feel refreshed, excited, and eager to be working on my new business venture.

I’ve also realized that I don’t have time to listen to ppl complain anymore.  If you’re healthy and still have a pulse, it is time to jump in the captain seat and take control of your life!  Effort and motivation propel you forward, while excuses will put you at the back of the bus.  Life is about trial and error, whether we like it or not.

Live well, inspire, and spread your wealth.  We all have the capacity to love, share, and to be compassionate.  I hope everyone will have a wonderful New Year celebration this weekend.  And if you’re confused about what I’m talking about, Chinese New Year falls on 2/14 this year.  Go Tiger, rawr!

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