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Las Vegas (day 2) Bellagio

So, after Aria & The Crystals, we took the train over to Bellagio.   If you go to the 3rd floor of The Crystals, there is a skyway train that takes you to Bellagio & Vdara.  It’s fast, free, and super convenient.

Jean Philippe @ Bellagio has the World's longest chocolate fountain!

The chocolate fountain starts from the ceiling, then loops around and goes down.

And, then gently flows down to a dish and goes back through the fountain!

Entering the botanical gardens @ Bellagio

Dozens of red lanterns adorned the garden.

Panda and his cub, made out of foliage.

Bellagio had the most beautiful Chinese New Year display.

Thousands of yellow mums!

Bellagio's lucky tiger. I like the Palazzo one better!

A traditional Chinese New Year makeover, behind the front desks @ Bellagio

On the way out, I had to snap a pic of this sparking horsey.

And, how could I forget this masterpiece! Hundreds of hand blown glass adorn the Bellagio ceiling.

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