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Las Vegas (day 2) The Crystals @ City Center

After venturing to Aria, we walked over to The Crystals, which is a huge shopping plaza filled with every high end boutique you can think of.  Inside, you’ll also find popular LA restaurants such as Mastro’s, Beso (by Eva Longoria), and Wolfgang Puck.  This shopping complex is definitely huge, modern, but it’s just too empty.  I know they will be adding more stores, but there is too much dead space.

My first impression when we walked into The Crystals was that it felt cold & desolate.  The massive amounts of space, created an uncomfortable feeling.  It felt more like a museum, and the store fronts were just works of art.  Which explains why everyone just glared at the window displays and kept walking.  It’s a great place to get some exercise in, since the walkways are super wide.

Beso and Club Eve

Mastros Ocean Club Restaurant

From the 2nd floor looking down.

Giant ice glow sticks display.

2 story Louis Vuitton store for you LV lovers!

Another nice LV window display

Indoor hurricane water exhibit. Very science museum-ish.

The pattern on this grand stair case is made from gemstones and rocks! I had to look up close to realize that they were all embedded to create that beautiful pattern.

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