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Don’t trust a highlighter.

As I was working diligently on my computer and writing something on my notepad, I quickly reach for my highlighter, pulled off the cap, and the stupid thing exploded!

I quickly scrammed around to wipe up the HOT PINK liquid off my Chilewich placements and white (yes, white) table! Just as I finished cleaning that, I looked up and proceeded to carry on with work.  But wait, there was more hot pink highlighter fluid on my MB Pro screen!!!!! Holy crappola, I freaked!  Lucky me, I remembered a quick and eco-friendly way to clean off my computer screen.  You take equal parts of water and white vinegar, and gently clean off your computer screen with a micro fiber towel.  This left my screen super clean, w/o any streaks.  Try it!  I got the tip from

Moral this story, don’t trust highlighters made by Acccent. The stupid liquid is can leak, and (ahem) sometimes explode. Luckily I didn’t permanently damage anything. I’ll stick with my Sharpie accent highlighter. Never had any mishaps with that one!

The mess was already cleaned up by the time I snapped this photo of the culprit. Guilty!!!!!


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