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Pinkberry Nouveau!

Finally…Pinkberry got the memo and is now offering 2 new sizes!  Portion control is sooo important, if you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet.  I must admit, I always thought Pinkberry was good for you, until I saw their nutritional value.  The standard small size is actually 1.5 servings, and the nutritional values are based on 1 serving.

So, yea, at a quick glance, it is easy to make a huge mistake on the calories you’re about to engulf.  The sugar content is very high, and so are the calories.  I guess I should’ve known that something this delicious, is always going to be loaded with sugar & calories.  The term frozen yogurt, really threw my radar off, so I always thought this stuff was so magical.

Anywho, Pinkberry now has 2 new sizes available.  You can choose from the cone or mini cup.  Ah, genius.  Maybe this will help people to stop overindulging in this high calorie and high sugar dessert.

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