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How To Politely Say It!

Ok, so JP & I love shoes, but we don’t love the icky stuff that it can track all over our floors.  You know, germs, feces, dirt, and other foreign substances.  Yuck, I know.  On occasion, we’ll have guests over, and so we clean the floor before they come over.  What really blows is when someone decides to keep their shoes on, even though they notice that our shoes are left by the entry way.  =(

I understand it is not customary in every household, but c’mon, you’re visiting someones home so be a little courteous.  Here’s what goes on in my head, “I cleaned the floors once before you came, and now will have to clean it again after you leave.  No fun for me!”.  I love having company over, just not remnants from the dirty stuff that shoes can track in.

Btw, if you’re wondering about my dog Fuego, I do wipe his paws every time he comes back from a walk.  It’s really the only way to keep the floors sanitary.

I always feel the urge to say something, but don’t want to come off rude.  So, I decided to make a small little sign, with a message from our awesome dog Fuego.  It can simply be placed on the door nob before guests arrive.  Here it is:

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