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Cooking Mama Loves Homemade Dressing.

Ok, so here’s the deal.  Every time I buy a bunch of cilantro, we always end up throwing some away.  =(

Most recipes just call for a few sprigs of cilantro, so the rest of it goes unused and ends up wilting in the fridge.  So, I finally came up with a way to  make use all of the cilantro (before it gets old), and that’s Cilantro Lime Dressing.

I used to love this one salad @ Wahoo’s, and it was because of the cilantro lime dressing!  I never tried making it in the past, and totally regret waiting all this time to Google for the recipe.  It’s really delicious, light, and tastes great when I make my version of the Southwest Salad.  Of course, you have to top this all off with some Cholula or Tapatio to make it official.  =)

Recipe available upon request.

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