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Me, Jp & Lakers Playoffs = Fun!

Pre-game Eats @ Katsuya..yummmmy

Lakers vs. Suns!

PR 16 Baby!

Half time treat. =)

Mendocino Farms Cafe

There’s a new kid on the block, and it’s Mendocino Farms from the Bay Area.  This lil joint has plenty of specialty sandwiches and salads to choose from.  They use local and sustainable farm fresh ingredients.  Woohoo!

JP had their famous Chicken Curry sandwich, on a sweet hazel nut bread:

And, I had the Tuna Melt that is made from white albacore and no mayo.  Hooray!

Can’t forget the side of pickles, for .50 cents!

Our little doggy Fuego came along too.

And, we dined outside in this comfy courtyard area in the front.  They even had really cute astro turf benches.

The Never Ending Line @ Pinks.

I swear, the line over @ Pinks is always wrapped around the freggin’ building.  What do they put in those hot dogs?  Do they sprinkle a lil Hollywood magic in there?  haha.

Griffith Observatory Field Trip w/my Family

On Mother’s Day, I planned a field trip to the Griffith Observatory for my Mom & JP.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but a lil bit windy when we got to the top.  Here are some highlights of the trip.

Here’s the beautiful Griffith Observatory:

If you look closely, you can see downtown LA!

Oh yes, and the fox that tried to sneak up behind our car.  Errrrr.

Telescopes everywhere!  Just pay .50 cents, and you can be a peeping tom too.  hahaha

A nice outdoors cafe area to relax…

Here’s a nice view of the HOLLYWOOD sign.

On the way down to our car, we saw one of the old school Helms Bakery (from Culver City) trucks.  Too cool!

We also saw the hiking trail for Mt. Hollywood.  I wonder if it will go straight to the Hollywood sign.

Here’s a pic of area leading up to the Griffith Observatory…

Shabu, 3 amigos, and a couple of bottles of sake later.

I loooove Shabu, especially when I’m accompanied by some awesome friends.  Last week, the 3 amigos headed out to Cali Shabu for some good times.  For some reason, the sake was flowing all night long.  Everything was perfect, except for my SAD (like SUPER SAD) mushrooms.  Have a look for yourself:

It’s like, they are doing some kind of u-turn.  They looked so sad, I decided to not eat them.  Lame!  Anyways, here are some goofy photos of mi amigos.

That’s Dizzle, looking like a pseudo walrus…and then there’s…

Scuba Steve!

Care for a Roaring Lion…Say What?!

Feast your eyes on this drink called, Roaring Lion.  Hmmm, pretty sneaky.  The name is totally ripping off the “Red Bull” concept.  Hmph!  I don’t drink energy drinks, so they can name is Green Donkey for all I care.  Just thought it was silly.

The Most Interesting Pillow, In the World!

Ah, it’s the sushi pillow @ Steve’s office.  I’ll have to sneak it out of there next time.  For now, you’re safe sushi! Muahahah

Whoopsy, Lost Track of Days!

Phew! This spring has been filled with exciting events, so sorry I lost track of days. Boy, the Lakers are really kicking butt in the Playoffs, even though they have been playing really sloppy. Here’s a fun photo of an old friend.

Me and Patrizzle.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Best Churros (made from scratch) @ The Fairmont Hotel Santa Monica

I must confess, I like churros.  The funny thing is, the only place I can indulge a churro is at like Disneyland or the carnival.  Since it has been like forever since I’ve gone to either, so I jumped at the first glance at “churro” on the Fig menu during Sunday brunch.  Of course JP had to ask the waitress if they were frozen or fresh, and to our surprised she said the chef makes them from scratch.

So, we took the plunge and ordered them up!  After the 1st bite, we were hooked!  These bad boys were definitely made from scratch.  The inside was moist, the outside was crispy, but it was really light overall.  We dusted them all off in about 2 minutes.  =)  They also serve it with a side of coffee, so you can dip the churro.  Definitely the perfect ending, to fish tacos for brunch.

Congrats to DJ MIA!

My buddy DJ Mia is on the Vitamin Water AD in Spin Magazine this month!

Nuvo, Sparkling Liqueur

New Boozeeee

Made a pit stop over @ BevMo, and decided to try something new.  I picked up this pretty bottle of Nuvo and cracked it open last night to try it out.  It seriously tastes like cranberry vodka.  hahah.  It’s definitely a girly drink (duh, it’s pink), but it sure did give me the giggles.  The website suggests that it is best on the rocks!

My Life & The Beach

Venice Beach

Being raised in Southern California, was always the ultimate luxury.  On hot summer weekends, my Mom would always take my brother and I to Huntington Beach.  We’d play for hours, in the water, on the sand, and even brought our buckets to make sand castles.  I even have photographs of myself on the beach in my bikini, from the young age of 5!

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed many endless summers at Laguna Beach with Mom, and now I’m cruising the paths here on the Westside.  I always find a sense of peace, hope, and creativity, every time I’m looking out into the ocean.

I’m truly happy that this life affords me the luxury of living near the beach, traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, and the opportunity to make new choices each day.  I like taking chances, and I truly believe it is essential for personal growth.

Despite the chaotic moments in life,  I can still find beauty in the simple things.  And, I hope you will do the same.

Cool Art Installation

On the way back from the Farmers Market, I spotted this huge art installation on Main Street, in Santa Monica.  Wow, it’s a giant set of binoculars!  Pretty cool huh?

Cruising on a Saturday Afternoon

My ultimate indulgence on the weekends, is cruising along the beach, and riding all the way to the Farmers Market to grab some goodies.  This past weekend, I grabbed a couple of apples, asian pear, and veggies.  I also scored on a I ❤ Santa Monica sticker too.  =)

Best French (savory or sweet) Crepes on the Westside

Best French crepes stop in West LA is Acadie’s on Arizona/3rd.  They also set up at the Main Street Farmers Market on Sundays!  The best thing about Acadie’s is that they have a big menu of savory or sweet crepes.  My fav crepe (The Harvest) has turkey, mushrooms, onions, a little cheese, and spinach.  Deeeelicious!

Asian Snacks, With Funny Names (continued)

Every time I stroll down the snack aisle @ Mitsuwa, I always chuckle at all the funny snack names.  Here’s one that was just plain silly.

Zankou Chicken…has yummy chicken kababs!