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Best Churros (made from scratch) @ The Fairmont Hotel Santa Monica

I must confess, I like churros.  The funny thing is, the only place I can indulge a churro is at like Disneyland or the carnival.  Since it has been like forever since I’ve gone to either, so I jumped at the first glance at “churro” on the Fig menu during Sunday brunch.  Of course JP had to ask the waitress if they were frozen or fresh, and to our surprised she said the chef makes them from scratch.

So, we took the plunge and ordered them up!  After the 1st bite, we were hooked!  These bad boys were definitely made from scratch.  The inside was moist, the outside was crispy, but it was really light overall.  We dusted them all off in about 2 minutes.  =)  They also serve it with a side of coffee, so you can dip the churro.  Definitely the perfect ending, to fish tacos for brunch.

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