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Archive for June, 2010

Hey Little Birdie!

Usually when I’m home alone, there’s this bird that always comes and perches on my balcony.  By the time I can run to grab my phone to snap a pic, it flies away.  So, I always sound like some crazy lady, telling JP about this lil birdie friend that visits me.

The other day, I woke up unusually early, but was surprised to see my birdie friend outside.  I quickly snapped some photos, but this time it wasn’t scared of it.

I was thinking of feeding it some bread, but then you know how quick birds can call their homies over, so I scratched that idea.  Besides, lots of birds = lots of white poopy mess.

Farmers Market, Is The Place To Be!

Even on a cool cloudy day, tons of people flock to the Farmers Market.  With made to order food, fresh seasonal veggies, and newly picked fruits, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Filipino Food Fix…Salo Salo Grill

Beef tapas, garlic rice, and egg.

It’s been years, since I’ve been back to Salo Salo.  We recently had a craving for Filipino food, and decided to hit up Salo Salo for some garlic rice, bbq skewers, beef tapas, and shanghai lumpia.  MmMmM, love the vinegar dipping sauce.

bbq skewer plate w/ garlic rice

Visit: Salo Salo Grill