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My Favorite Lashes, Like Ever!!!

I’m always get compliments on my lashes from women of all ages!!!  I used to wear Mac, then Shu Uemura, but now my new favorites are from Lash Royalty.

It’s a pretty new company, with gorgeous styles that definitely look really natural on me.  Mac lashes are too long and unflattering, while Shu’s are just too darn expensive (and they are officially closed in the US).  Lash Royalty styles are $15 a pop, and I’ve reused mine at least 5x now.  They hold their shape pretty well, even after several nights out on the town.  =)

My favorite style is Chloe & Luxe-1, but they have a bunch of other really cute styles too.  Oh, and here’s a 25% off coupon for Lash Royalty.  Not a bad deal at all! 25% off  online coupon code:  vip

The Best Thing About Brunch…

1.  Catching up with friends

2.  Not having to decide on breakfast or lunch.  Cause it’s brunch!

3.  It’s officially okay to start drinking, without having ppl look at you weird.  =)

The All Seeing Eye

After finishing a wonderful hot bowl of pho at Anqi, I noticed this strangely shaped window across the walkway.  As I came up closer to the window, I noticed it was a sneak peak of the Charlie Palmer kitchen!  So, like a little creep, I was standing there gazing around to see what types of spices they had on the shelves, and the pots & pans.  I’m always in the kitchen, so these types of things excite me!

Only minutes into my inspection of the kitchen, someone came over and started working on some food right in front of me (on the other side of the window of course).  I was so embarrassed, because here I was, just peeping through the window like a creep, and now I just got caught!  He smiled and waved at me.  Hahah…

So, I proceeded to leave and turned back around once more to look at this interesting window.  Up close, it’s just an oddly shaped window, but from a certain angle, you can see that it’s in the shape of an eye!  Genius!

Ed Hardy Disaster Sighting

This was spotted @ South Coast Plaza.   Looks like it came from the $1 bin.

Anqi = Yummy Pho

Ok, so Pho, is definitely a touchy subject.  I know most people say that Bolsa is the only place where you can get great tasting pho in Orange County.  Well, I beg to differ.  Anqi, is a restaurant by the family that started the world famous Crustaceans.  Although, I’m not a fan of that restaurant, I do love the pho at Anqi.

The broth doesn’t taste all msg’d out, and the noodles are not stuck into a funny shaped block.  They give you thicker slices of meat, that are tender and very tasty.  It’s located at the Bloomingdales wing, and is actually a pretty large restaurant.  I haven’t tried any of their other dishes, so I can’t vouch for those.

If you don’t feel like driving to Bolsa, and you’re already @ South Coast Plaza, then swing into Anqi for some pho.  You won’t be disappointed.  Oh yea, and of course they bring out the bean sprouts, hoisin, siracha, mint leaves, and lime.

Video Mixing Series: DJ Sleeper @ Apple Store Santa Monica

Our awesome buddy DJ Sleeper, did an exclusive video mixing series LIVE @ the Apple store.  He made it look so easy, I may just have to start mixing videos…haha, jk.  I’ll leave that to the pros.  =)

Riding Bikes, Pit Stop @ Urth Cafe

Once in awhile, JP have this craving for peach or apple pie from Urth Cafe.  So, before the sun started to set, we hopped on our bikes and rode 3 miles over to Urth to pick up a good o’ peach pie!!  It was soooo worth it.   There’s nothing like having a peach pie, and watching True Blood.  muahahah

Hot Dog Drama!!! It’s Kobayashi The Rebel!

Vote For Misa Campo!

Misa is in the running for the Hot 100 for Spy on Vegas.  Make sure to cast your vote!

Lady Gaga “Monster” Remix by Brad Walsh

I love this!  Listen!

Mini Petting Zoo @ The Farmers Market.

It’s cute to see all the kids get excited for pony rides @ the farmers mkt, but for July 4th weekend, it was a mini petting zoo!  Too cute!

July the 4th was fun!!

Fireworks, bbq, and just hanging out with good ol’ friends.