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The perfect place to end summer…in Ibiza, Spain.

Our spur of the moment vacation in Ibiza, was the best trip ever.  With sunny skies and slightly humid weather, it was the perfect way to spend our final days of summer.  The Europeans and South Americans flock from all over the world to Ibiza, to relax and also enjoy the nightlife.  The beaches are packed with sun bronzed and gorgeous people of all ages.  Did I mention nude sunbathing is totally acceptable?!  Love it!

The Ibiza Gran Hotel is the only 5 star hotel on the island, and now I know why.  The service is impeccable, and the rooms and views are incredible.  There’s even a casino attached on the property, so black jack players like me can just stumble over.  😉

The food is delicious in Ibiza, as we had the chance to drive to the other side of the island to have some local paella. The jamon in Ibiza was delicious as well.  Aside from enjoying the beach and sleeping until the early afternoon, we went to see Tiesto play at Privilege!  He was amazing, and I will certainly post some video soon.  We also partied it up at Space the night before.  Ibiza is definitely the perfect mix of relaxation and party time.

We will definitely be back to Ibiza in 2011!

Arrived @ Ibiza Airport. It was super packed.

Entrance to our hotel...Ibiza Gran

The architecture inside the hotel is gorgeous.

The bathtub was right in the middle of the room.

Room service was a must. Breakfast for 2, of course!

Walked to town and saw rustic looking restaurants lining the roads.

We hiked all the way up to get this gorgeous view.

Gorgeous shades of blue water, from up above.

From our walk around the port.

I had to snap a pick of this cool McDonalds sign.

Beach time, in my VIX swimsuit.

Pretty sparkly trinkets in the hotel gift shop.

Clear skies and perfect weather at the beach. Parking was a nightmare though!

Billboards for Dj's and clubs, line the highways and roads.

Classic. Girls on the scooter!

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