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Manny Pacquiao in Santa Monica

Manny Pacquiao made an appearance at The Santa Monica Place mall, to promote his new line of merchandise with Nike.  Prior to his appearance at Nike Town, Manny did a live Q&A session in front of thousands of fans.  Awesome!

Happy Halloween!!!

Culinary Adventures

Growing up, I always looked forward to a hot bowl of noodle soup, especially on those chilly winter evenings.  I finally took the initiative to find a healthy recipe for Chicken Pho Noodle Soup.  My 1st attempt to make this was a complete fail, since I tried making the traditional beef version from a random recipe I found online.

So, on my 2nd try, my new recipe and Organic Chicken Pho came out delicious!


Homemade chicken pho. delicious!

What kind of dessert do you like?!

Old fashion cupcakes @ Swingers



McDonalds soft serve cone




Homemade Almond Jello (in heart shaped silicone molds)

I Heart Santa Monica

My favorite activity on a warm and sunny day, is to cruise around at the beach.  Here’s just some pics from a recent bike ride with JP.  I love being surrounded by the ocean, mountains, palm trees, and plenty of sunshine.

Best Fish and Chips in LA

I love Santa Monica Seafood, because everything is so fresh!  Their market side cafe, also features a classic selection of dishes to include roasted halibut, cioppino, seafood tower, and my fav, alaskan fish and chips.

Just added to my daily news fix CNNGO.COM

My love for travel and leisure has increased over the years, and finally now there’s a hub where I can stay in touch with Asia. Some days, I catch myself dreaming of that piping hot bowl of udon I had in Tokyo (Roppongi Crossing area), or the jamon in Ibiza, and even that delicious chili crab from Singapore. (beta) lets you toggle between Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and several other countries. Try it out, you’ll be instantly hooked.