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DIY Sparkly Christmas Ornaments

The air is getting cooler by the day, and I’m definitely getting into the holiday mood.  Today, I’ve officially decided to kick off the holidays extra early, by bringing out and setting up my Christmas tree.  I’m going to reuse my shiny & sparkly turquoise colored mini tree.  Last year, I made all kinds of fabulous ornaments, and this year I’m planning to add some extra sparkle.

You can have gorgeous ornaments for your tree this year, with some extra change to spare.  The key is to work in the same color family with your embellishments, and add some sparkle wherever you can!

Item List:

–  1 tube of mini round ornaments (16 pieces/$1.00 @ Target)

–  Liquid glue (Jewel-it glue)

–  Glitter (JoAnn Fairy Dust Glitter)

DIY Sparkly Christmas Ornaments

1.  Start with plain or pre-glittered round ornaments (i used mini sized ones for my DIY project)

2.  Apply a thin coat of glue all over the ornament

3.  Roll evenly in your glitter, and gently tap off the excess.

4.  Let it stand and dry overnight.

5.  Voila!  You have gorgeous sparkly Christmas ornaments that everyone will be lusting for.

Tips:  Try using glitters with different textures, and colors.  I purchased ornaments that already had glitter, but I added more drama with JoAnns Fairy Dust glitter, that has mini stars, bigger glitter pieces that were more iridescent.   The lights on your tree, will reflect beautifully!

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