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Just in time for Easter…

Yes, I know it’s still February, but Easter is just around the corner.  I recently stumbled across this photo of the World’s Largest Rabbit named Bodmin.  They say he eats whole cabbages and lettuces, however he looks like he eats kids for breakfast.

This is like the “cujo” version for bunnies.  So kids, you still want a bunny for Easter?

En Route to Tahoe.

Looks like the storm is en route to Tahoe too!

Stormy skies...

When times get tough..

it’s time to start robbing the piggy or Hello Kitty bank and run to your nearest Coinstar machine! I totally cashed out and walked away with $45.45.  Unlike chancing it in Vegas, you’re a winner every time!



After!  It was practically raining coins!  I'm rich bitch!

After! It was practically raining coins! I'm rich bitch!

Now here’s a fierce lunch box!

Was browsing around Whole Foods and came across this intimating lunch box. First thought, FIERCE!

Hahaha, I think lunch boxes back in the day, consisted of super hero characters and Care Bears. It was oh so innocent!



I heart this vid/song

Lady Gaga, awesome!