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Automotive Corner

LA Auto Show 2010 Favorites

The LA Auto show this year looked a million times better than previous years.  It was literally battle of the LED walls!  Bigger is definitely better!  Each booth was towering with over hanging signage, massive led screens, and minimalistic designs.  In my opinion, Lexus & Mercedes Benz had the best booth design and car display.  Here are just some quick pics I snapped with my Nokia phone.

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My Dream Car

Omg.  This is the 2010 Bentley GTC, with the Wald Black Bison body kit.  Oh please Santa!

I’m Loving the Aston Martin Cygnet! Coming to America soon =)

Mini cars rule!

Rolls Royce Ghost…in my garage

Another Funny (but clever) Personalized License Plate.

Smart Sighting in Santa Monica.

My Guess…Asian Driver.

Volvos may be known for safety ratings, but how about the morons driving them?!

Nice parking buddy.

SMART Car Sighting in MDR

Vintage @ Whole Foods

Spotted this ultra vintage ride @ WF.  Not sure what the make/model of this car is, but it sure is looking snazzy.

One day, I will…

purchase a luxurious modern home, that will have a special place for JP’s cars to be displayed.  Hey, we’re car people.   =)  I’m thinking  something like this will definitely work.


(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)



(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)



(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)


This house is in Brentwood, and the owner is currently facing some scrutiny about the bridge way he built to drive his cars straight into his home.  I personally think his neighbors are just plain jealous.  His home has won many architectural awards and I personally feel that it has been tastefully designed.  You can read more about the article here:,0,4655518.story

Pimpin’ the Ford.

It's a FORD! hahahaha.

Since this is the top of the line car (ahem, Ford), we have all these lovely options. NOT!!!

An oldie, but goodie!

Spotted this old school MB on the road. It’s definitely retro. Hahha, but I love it! Wouldn’t mind rocking one of these.

New Shoes!

My sexy Panamera, with new shoes!

Funny Stuff in Hollywood

Nice license plate buddy.


Yes, it’s 2010.

New Year, new toys.  =)  Any New Year resolutions for me?  Nope.  Just gonna keep smiling, be grateful everyday, stay motivated, and continue to inspire my family & friends to live well.

Vroooom. Cooking mama likes to go fast!

Happy Happy New Year!

We kicked off the New Year with some good friends, and also ended up @ the Red Bull NYE event down in Long Beach. The moments leading up to Travis’s record breaking car jump, was exhilarating, as you can hear/see the helicopters circle around, the bright flood lights, and the roaring sounds of spectators. Luckily, we had a great view from the 2-story Red Bull hospitality lounge. The jump happen so fast, that I was wanting him to do it again. =)

Watch it here:

Here are some photos from the Red Bull “Energy Lounge”. Open bar drinks flowed all night, with an endless supply of Red Bull Energy drinks. All guests received a beanie or scarf as a commemorative gift.

We watched Travis Pastrana's record breaking!

No party is complete, without a Red Bull DISCO BALL!

DJ Sleeper..holding down the fort!

Whoa, Go-Go dancers are getting really young! This lil baby girl had the moves! Stay tuned for the vid.

You make me happy, when skies are gray…

WALD Black Bison Bentley

The cutest (and smallest) Mini Cooper I’ve ever seen!

Had lunch @ Urth Cafe with JP today, and we saw this tiny Mini Cooper! It’s definitely smaller than our Smart, but still cute as a button.

The owner of the car said, he picked it up because he’s doing through a “midlife crisis”.   Ha Ha.

To all car fanatics…

Make sure to stop by Fatlace, to get coverage on the hottest rides this year @ SEMA 2009.   My personal favorite, the WALD BLACK BISON SKYLINE GTR @ Jonari’s booth.

Jonari Feat. the new Mercedes E-class, all pimped out with WALD & the WALD Black Bison Series GTR.

6 Days In Las Vegas =)

Last week, I spent 6 days (yes, 6!) in Vegas!  The most common question I got was what in the world do you do in Vegas for 6 days, and lucky you, I’m about to show you.  Enjoy…

Scoured the magazine stands @ the airport for something interesting to read on the plane…


This is a the REAL cover for TIME Magazine

Packed our own mini bar!  Brought organic fruits from home (purchased from Farmers Market the day before), Twizzlers, Apple Chips, pistachios, and a tin full of green tea!


Eat your fruits!

Arrived @ the Wynn, and was greeted by 2 beautiful Lions…


My good luck charm.

Ventured off to Chinatown, for some non-westernized Chinese food…


Gambled at Encore, and checked out the 20 something foot crystal dragon that adorns the Wazuzu restaurant…


Wazuzu @ the Encore


Small replica is available for purchase @ the gift boutique.

Followed the red ornate carpet back home to Wynn, and got a glimpse of XS, sans the party goers…


Went to Venice (aka Venetian) and dined at Mario Batali’s famed San Marco Restaurant.


I highly recommend the Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza!  Thin, crispy, and very light crust.  Very authentic!


A view from my seat @ the San Marco Restaurant bar…


Lunch for 1!

Wandered the streets and saw the big show over @ Mirage.  It was spectacular!


Back to Chinatown for some Cajun seafood!  Our guests from Japan, ordered up a huge Heineken can…hilarious!


Dined at Wynn Buffet with a large group of friends.  Must say, Bellagio is still #1 in my book!


Admired some art, that reminded me of JP & Fuego!


Stood at the top of Palazzo and looked down to see, glittery coins at the top of the waterfall.  So pretty!



Dined @ my favorite restaurant Noodles, inside of Bellagio with Young & friend.



Soft, pillowy, and light fried tofu. Delicious!

My all time favorite @ Noodles…Flat rice noodle soup with bbq pork!


And, now…on to SEMA!   My show highlights!


The Lexus LFA in black carbon...Love it!


Lexus had limited edition artist prints made on-site!  I was so lucky and got the last one…150/150.  Thanks guys!


Artists in action.


There's mine!


Voila! 150/150

My fellow SMART buddies over at Smart Madness…


Camo Smart Rally!


Pinch. You're too cute.



@ the Honda booth, they had a really cool “Dog Friendly” accessories.  Here is the doggy bed that fits snuggly in the trunk!



Finally, at the airport…I ran into a crazy reptile on the floor (it’s not real, but it’s huge)!



Bye Bye Las Vegas…  They were smart an added these decorative planes in between the escalators.  You better think twice before sliding down the middle!!!  Ouchy.


And, if you’re wondering…

Did I gamble?              Yes!

Did I win or lose?        Walked away with $750 in cash money!

Wow, what did I play?   Blackjack!

Any shopping?    Of course!  Sephora, Michael Kors, Hugo Boss, Neiman Marcus, and Fresh.

Any clubs?   Lavo, Tao, & XS…all in one night.


Sneak Peak…Porsche Panamera

Jp and I stopped in to check out the Porsche Panamera in person yesterday, and it looks pretty good.  We both think it could use some sprucing up, with a full Mansory kit.  =)  Is it me, or does the car look naked?

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

Sporty gauges

Sporty gauges

Lots of controls in the middle console.

Lots of controls in the middle console area.


Now here’s what the Porsche Panamera will look like, after it gets the Mansory kit on it!

Mansory Porsche Panamera Kit

Mansory Porsche Panamera Kit

My Christmas Fantasy Gift Guide (2009)

So last year, I shared my small Christmas WISH LIST and it was so popular!  This year I’m going to start early and will include some fun, inexpensive, expensive, thoughtful, and not so practical gifts for you to peruse.  Maybe my Christmas picks will inspire you to GIVE this holiday season.  Remember, the act of giving a gift, should be done without any expectation of reciprocation.  GIVE because you want to, not because you have to.

This sexy, sporty, and sophisticated car is sure to please most automotive enthusiasts.  The photo below features a Mansory kit, which transform the Panamera into an aggressive and very sporty look.
Mansory Panamera

Mansory Panamera

And, for all of you eco-friendly folks, let me introduce the electric cupcake car, as featured in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.  Honestly, I’d totally rock this car.

The electric Cupcake Car!

The electric Cupcake Car!

SMART sighting on Melrose.

Stopped off @ Urth Cafe for a mid-afternoon snack and saw a fellow SMART parked on Melrose.  How cute!


Hello, Skyline GTR…

At last, our fabulous Skyline GTR has just arrived!  This sexy beast will be getting the full WALD treatment, and will be debuting at SEMA this year in Vegas.

Just got dropped off today!

Just got dropped off today!

You look naked, don't worry...we'll get some accessories on you soon enough.

You look naked, don't worry...we'll get some accessories on you soon enough.


Here's a what this GTR will look like when it's done!

Here's a what this GTR will look like when it's done!