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Cutesy Stuff

DIY Cupcake Stand

I like pretty things, but there’s always a line I have to draw with the price. I know spring/summer is just about here, and thought I’d share a link I found for DIY Cupcake Stand.

This would be perfect for when you have guests over, birthdays, and a small little event. Best part is, you can make it as elaborate as your heart desires.  Click on the cupcake to be re-directed.

To Bling or Not to Bling?!

Sooo, I’m officially tired of my Nokia E71. Loved this phone, but the interface is just so dated, and it’s impossible view PDF’s or attachments from my emails.

All of my friends (and hubby), have been telling me to jump on the Iphone bandwagon. Can’t say that I’m a happy camper, but I’ve thrown up the white flag and will have to surrender.

If I move forward, the real question now is, “To Bling or not to Bling”.

*** UPDATED on 3/8/11

So, I decided not to bling out my Iphone, because the sparkly swarovski stones, apparently ending up messing with the quality of the photo.  I read this on several blogs, then decided to test it out myself.  I slapped on a gorgeous blinged out case, and snapped picture with and then w/o the case.

To my surprise, the flash and swarovski stones don’t get along.  The result, a bright and foggy looking photo.  The sales lady still tried to push me to buy the case, but I politely mentioned how I’d like to be able to use the camera on my photo.  Since I do looooove to randomly snap photos for my blogging.  Case closed!

C’mon, the case costs more than the IPAD!

When it comes to the fashion powerhouse Chanel, you can definitely expect a hefty price tag to go along with their accessories.  I love my IPAD, but probably won’t be bringing out my credit card anytime soon to make this purchase.  I mean with a Chanel handbag, at least I could justify using it because I can actually use it to tote around my necessities.

Do I love this Chanel IPAD case, YESSSSS!  I just wish the price tag was a tad bit lower.  =)

Day 2: Singapore in 2011

Yep, there's a giant 3 story Forever 21 here.

Love the modern LED escalators

No Apple Stores in Singapore. Gotta get your MAC from Epic Center.

Waffle sandwiches from Marvelous Cream

Cheers to our waffle sandwiches. Thought it was ice cream, but it turned out to be cream. Yucky.

LA street wear is catching on in Singapore. This store is called The Vault.

A cute Thai Restaurant

Pretty and festive Chinese New Year decor at the mall. Love it!

Oh yes! The real Hainan Chicken Rice. So yummy.

There is it! Hainan Chicken Rice

Every Girl, Needs A Pretty Pair Of Heels

During a recent trip to Vegas, I indulged in some retail therapy @ Nordstrom.  Let me introduce you to my new 4.5″ peep toe bow pumps.  Perfect for dinner, or a night out with friends.  Best part is, they are actually comfy. ❤

Celebrity Makeup Tip

Just Because…

I’m excited of the arrival of my new Chanel purse! I went with the lamb instead of caviar, because it’s just more unique and buttery soft.

I originally picked up a Balenciaga, but unfortunately Neiman Marcus mailed me a floor sample. =( Thankfully, they were nice enough to let me exchange it out for this beauty!

DIY Sparkly Christmas Ornaments

The air is getting cooler by the day, and I’m definitely getting into the holiday mood.  Today, I’ve officially decided to kick off the holidays extra early, by bringing out and setting up my Christmas tree.  I’m going to reuse my shiny & sparkly turquoise colored mini tree.  Last year, I made all kinds of fabulous ornaments, and this year I’m planning to add some extra sparkle.

You can have gorgeous ornaments for your tree this year, with some extra change to spare.  The key is to work in the same color family with your embellishments, and add some sparkle wherever you can!

Item List:

–  1 tube of mini round ornaments (16 pieces/$1.00 @ Target)

–  Liquid glue (Jewel-it glue)

–  Glitter (JoAnn Fairy Dust Glitter)

DIY Sparkly Christmas Ornaments

1.  Start with plain or pre-glittered round ornaments (i used mini sized ones for my DIY project)

2.  Apply a thin coat of glue all over the ornament

3.  Roll evenly in your glitter, and gently tap off the excess.

4.  Let it stand and dry overnight.

5.  Voila!  You have gorgeous sparkly Christmas ornaments that everyone will be lusting for.

Tips:  Try using glitters with different textures, and colors.  I purchased ornaments that already had glitter, but I added more drama with JoAnns Fairy Dust glitter, that has mini stars, bigger glitter pieces that were more iridescent.   The lights on your tree, will reflect beautifully!

Another 5 Days in Vegas!

I have to admit, Vegas is one of my favorite places to go!  With a plethora of restaurants, entertainment, and gambling, Vegas is like a playground for adults.  Best part is, you can indulge in just about anything, 24 hours a day!

On this trip, I realized my penchant for penny slot machines.  My number game is blackjack, but I like to supplement it with some penny machine action!  Had some very productive meetings, and spent my time catching up with some friends.

I had planned to go experience the CSI exhibit at the MGM Mirage, but ran out of time.  Hopefully it will be there when I return.

Hope you enjoy some of my Vegas highlights!

Shopping for yummy bath products @ The Venetian Canal Shoppes

Its like the Pacha cherries!

Admired some art by ANJA

Fall decor at The Palazzo Hotel

My lucky spot where I stand. At the top of the waterfall @ Palazzo.

Sparkly coins. Ooh la la!

4 Lobster club sandwiches from Postrio by Wolfgang Puck. Delicious!

My new makeup from the Dior boutique. Holiday LE minaudiere & travel brush set. Love them!

I became a Penny Slots High Roller =) I won 27.25!

Zen Noodles @ Grand Lux Cafe is always a comforting dish.

Mid-day snack at Noodles in the Bellagio Hotel. Bbq pork buns, pickled cucumbers, and tea.

Enjoyed the Gondola boat ride @ the Venetian.

My new favorite penny slot game. Look at the bottom right. I'm definitely a winner!

Have you ever noticed the pretty painted ceilings right by TAO @ the Venetian? It's gorgeous.

Dinner @ Bouchon. Service was terrible and food was mediocre. Failed!

The sun was setting, as I left to the airport. Look at the gorgeous Wynn & Encore hotels.

Ciao Palazzo!

Furry Boots by Chanel

Love it!

Happy Halloween!!!

Another fun-filled weekend!

Friday:  Catched a matinee with JP and saw Wallstreet.

Saturday: Day trip to Santa Barbara and lunched @ the Four Season.  In the evening, JP and I biked to the Glow Art Event in Santa Monica.

Sunday:  Abbot Kinney Festival during the daytime, then went bar hopping at the beach in Venice.  Came back and partied it up until 11:30pm.  =)

Look closely, you'll see a cute lil hummingbird!

Holiday Gift Idea For Your Favorite Dog!

My New Pen

I’m a sucker when it comes to anything sparkly!  I picked up this pretty Swarovsky crystal pen at The Venetian Hotel.

I’m Loving the Aston Martin Cygnet! Coming to America soon =)

Mini cars rule!

Fall/Winter Fashion For Your Dog

The Modern Canine just launch their Fall/Winter collection of doggie fashion!   Pamper your pooch with functional, and gorgeous clothing during the cool months ahead of us.  Protect them from the rain and harsh weather with luxurious wool coats from The Modern Canine.

To view the new collection, click on the image below or visit

A Gift From Me, To Me

The latest addition to our home is this cute succulent plant from The Juicy Leaf on Abbot Kinney in Venice.  This stores has dozens of mini, medium, and large sized custom arrangements to choose from.  I hand picked this lil guy and they helped me plant and arrange it.  The best part is, you only need to water it every 3 weeks!

I love flowers, but I get sad when they wilt.  So, this is the perfect alternative for me.  I’m definitely planning on coming back to make some more arrangements for our home.  Next time, I’ll be sure to bring a friend too.  I guess I’m reach a point in my life where I find it rewarding to plant things, and watch it grow.

My Favorite Lashes, Like Ever!!!

I’m always get compliments on my lashes from women of all ages!!!  I used to wear Mac, then Shu Uemura, but now my new favorites are from Lash Royalty.

It’s a pretty new company, with gorgeous styles that definitely look really natural on me.  Mac lashes are too long and unflattering, while Shu’s are just too darn expensive (and they are officially closed in the US).  Lash Royalty styles are $15 a pop, and I’ve reused mine at least 5x now.  They hold their shape pretty well, even after several nights out on the town.  =)

My favorite style is Chloe & Luxe-1, but they have a bunch of other really cute styles too.  Oh, and here’s a 25% off coupon for Lash Royalty.  Not a bad deal at all! 25% off  online coupon code:  vip

The All Seeing Eye

After finishing a wonderful hot bowl of pho at Anqi, I noticed this strangely shaped window across the walkway.  As I came up closer to the window, I noticed it was a sneak peak of the Charlie Palmer kitchen!  So, like a little creep, I was standing there gazing around to see what types of spices they had on the shelves, and the pots & pans.  I’m always in the kitchen, so these types of things excite me!

Only minutes into my inspection of the kitchen, someone came over and started working on some food right in front of me (on the other side of the window of course).  I was so embarrassed, because here I was, just peeping through the window like a creep, and now I just got caught!  He smiled and waved at me.  Hahah…

So, I proceeded to leave and turned back around once more to look at this interesting window.  Up close, it’s just an oddly shaped window, but from a certain angle, you can see that it’s in the shape of an eye!  Genius!

July the 4th was fun!!

Fireworks, bbq, and just hanging out with good ol’ friends.

Super Cool Bike, 100% Wood

The Most Interesting Pillow, In the World!

Ah, it’s the sushi pillow @ Steve’s office.  I’ll have to sneak it out of there next time.  For now, you’re safe sushi! Muahahah

Congrats to DJ MIA!

My buddy DJ Mia is on the Vitamin Water AD in Spin Magazine this month!

Nuvo, Sparkling Liqueur

New Boozeeee

Made a pit stop over @ BevMo, and decided to try something new.  I picked up this pretty bottle of Nuvo and cracked it open last night to try it out.  It seriously tastes like cranberry vodka.  hahah.  It’s definitely a girly drink (duh, it’s pink), but it sure did give me the giggles.  The website suggests that it is best on the rocks!