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To Bling or Not to Bling?!

Sooo, I’m officially tired of my Nokia E71. Loved this phone, but the interface is just so dated, and it’s impossible view PDF’s or attachments from my emails.

All of my friends (and hubby), have been telling me to jump on the Iphone bandwagon. Can’t say that I’m a happy camper, but I’ve thrown up the white flag and will have to surrender.

If I move forward, the real question now is, “To Bling or not to Bling”.

*** UPDATED on 3/8/11

So, I decided not to bling out my Iphone, because the sparkly swarovski stones, apparently ending up messing with the quality of the photo.  I read this on several blogs, then decided to test it out myself.  I slapped on a gorgeous blinged out case, and snapped picture with and then w/o the case.

To my surprise, the flash and swarovski stones don’t get along.  The result, a bright and foggy looking photo.  The sales lady still tried to push me to buy the case, but I politely mentioned how I’d like to be able to use the camera on my photo.  Since I do looooove to randomly snap photos for my blogging.  Case closed!

IPAD Game Addiction: Smiles HD

Alas, I’ve finally made it to the 3 million point club!  Here’s my proof.

Video Mixing Series: DJ Sleeper @ Apple Store Santa Monica

Our awesome buddy DJ Sleeper, did an exclusive video mixing series LIVE @ the Apple store.  He made it look so easy, I may just have to start mixing videos…haha, jk.  I’ll leave that to the pros.  =)

Super Cool Bike, 100% Wood

Farewell To Our Dirt Devil, Hello To Electrolux!

After only 1 short year (and many drops), our Dirt Devil went kaputt! For 20 bucks, I guess it was definitely worth every penny. We found it at Target in the clearance aisle, and totally scored!  I saved a good chunk of $$$, not having to buy those dry Swiffer refills every few weeks.

Sooo, today I brought home the Electrolux Ergorapido from Bed Bath and Beyond for $100 bucks. Cool name huh? hahaah. It definitely has more power, a detachable dust buster, and 2 speed settings. I gave it a whirl around the house and it’s awesome!  I mean, what can someone expect for $100?!

If you have carpet in your home, I suggest going with a real vacuum cleaner from Miele.  Those bad boys are top of the line, heavy duty cleaning machines!  I totally recommend this Electrolux stick vacuum for hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring, especially if you have small pets.

Adios, Dirt Devil!


Attention Touristas.

The ultra camera bag for Asian tourists!

Ok, so listen up.  Ever seen those Asian (yes, Asian) tourists walking around with their messenger bags and a camera strapped around their necks?  I’ve seen them when I’m overseas, and from time to time, you can catch them roaming around Beverly Hills.

Well, I spotted out this ultimate tourist bag that’s just perfect.  I mean, they gotta have something that can fit those huge ass cameras they have dangling around their necks like a medallion.  Forget the little point and shoot cams, they always bring the huge SLR’ish cams.  Hee heee, you KNOW what I’m talking about.  =P

Black Market LA

For the 1st time ever, I swung into this shop called Black Market on Sawtelle Blvd.  I’ve passed it a million times, but today was the day, to explore the unknown.  Lots of kitschy items, and some cool threads.

I let JP pick out the item of the day.  So, without further ado, I proudly introduce to you…

Ping Pong anytime.

Black Market on Sawtelle Blvd.

Yep, it’s GAME ON any freaking time, any place.  You know, the Chinese kick ass in ping pong, so I’m not sure if you want to mess with JP.