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Kitschy Kitschy Cool

I don’t know why, but I’m really drawn to lil objects made out of felt or yarn.  It first started with my Aranzi Aronzo craze, then to the amigurumi (small crochet cute animals) phase, and now it’s just random kitschy things.  I must point out that Etsy is the perfect place for me to browse and see all the cute, ugly, and catchy, felt and yarn creations.

Check out my pick of the week.

(drum roll please) Introducing, the felt camera case, that looks like an old school camera!  There’s just something so witty about this case, I just love it.

Click on this photo, to be re-diected to the Etsy shop!

Available in many assorted color combos.

Eco Friendly Bike for Mommy & Child by Taga

Ok, I’m definitely not a Mom, but this Taga bike/stroller combo is genius!  You can instantly transform this stroller, into a bike to take your kiddy on a bike ride.  I definitely think this will be a hot seller out in Santa Monica.  I believe the website says it will be available here in the US soon, however it will carry a price tag of $1400 and some change.  It sounds a bit steep, but think of all the R&D it took to create this masterpiece.

If I had a baby (be-beeeeeeh), I’d totally rock one of these.  It’s convenient, eco-chic, and just plain cool.  Check out the video to see how quickly it converts.

Taga Bike & Stroller Combo

New Toy Alert!

Say hello to this beauty.  We’re happy to welcome the MB Pro 15″.  Fuego will now have 2 computers to blog from.  heheeh.

Fresh out of the box.

We're one happy Apple family!

Ok, iphone Lovers…this one is for you.

This nifty lil gadget props up your iphone, so you can watch movies and stuff…hands free!

Avail in a myriad of colors.

Bottle Opener and Universal Remote in One.

Feast your eyes this awesome gadget.  Some genius came up with this idea of putting the bottle opener on the remote.  For all you couch potatoes, this must be your dream come true.   Thirsty anyone?

Available at

The greatest board game of all time, just got remixed.

Introducing, the new face lifted Monopoly! I don’t know about you, but I am a die hard fan of Monopoly. Just last year, I bought the “money less” version, that featured the debit card system. This new look definitely has me interested. Might have to run to Target (tar-jeh) to try it out.

Monopoly by Hasbro

What do you think about the iPad!