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Good Eats (rants & raves)

Not all desserts are created equal.

This is one of my latest finds during my stay in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.  I can’t read Japanese, but I walked into AM/PM in the wee hours of the morning, looking for a treat.  I always love trying new foods/snacks, so I reached for this cute pouch of what appeared to be fruit balls (insert joke here).  To my surprise, these tiny balls were packed with fruit flavor!  It’s final, they are #2 place, as my #1 place winner still goes to Haagen Daaz Crisp Sandwich (green tea).

Smoothie Time!

Special thanks to my Cusinart blender.  MmMmm good.

Laduree Macarons in Ginza (Tokyo)

I have a secret crush on macarons. ❤ I originally wanted to try the macarons @ Laduree, but ended up trying Dallayou instead, at the suggestion of my girlfriend.

I’m glad that I did, because Dallayou macarons were heavenly.


Oh, How I’ve Missed You, MOS Burger

Home to the famous crispy rice patty burgers.  I used to visit you in Hawaii, but one day, you left me.  MOS Burger, I’m so happy we reunited all the way in Singapore.

My Favorite Quick Bite In Singapore

Hainan Chicken Rice!

Day 2: Singapore in 2011

Yep, there's a giant 3 story Forever 21 here.

Love the modern LED escalators

No Apple Stores in Singapore. Gotta get your MAC from Epic Center.

Waffle sandwiches from Marvelous Cream

Cheers to our waffle sandwiches. Thought it was ice cream, but it turned out to be cream. Yucky.

LA street wear is catching on in Singapore. This store is called The Vault.

A cute Thai Restaurant

Pretty and festive Chinese New Year decor at the mall. Love it!

Oh yes! The real Hainan Chicken Rice. So yummy.

There is it! Hainan Chicken Rice

It’s good to be back home in S’pore

After a 1 year hiatus, JP & I managed to come back home for a visit to S’pore.  Not much has changed since our last visit.  High rise buildings and modern shopping plazas are still under construction in and around Orchard Road, but some things remain constant, and that’s the huge selection of delectable food & treats.

Do enjoy my photo diary of this long overdue trip back home.  I’ll be posting additional photos each day.


En route, hanging out in the lounge @ the airport.

Mini cocktails on board. =)

Now here comes the food & shopping!

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Holiday Beauty & Makeup Gift Ideas

Makeup Artist Grace Chun, just posted up a fabulous beauty gift guide for this holiday season.  She has great gift ideas from $10 to $150.

Out of her list, I liked Lash Royalty lashes, Sephora perfume deluxe sampler, and ELF gel liners.  Take a peek below!

Thanksgiving Holiday Getaway

Thanksgiving is a wonderful excuse, to over indulge in just about everything.  I truly believe that we should be thankful all year long, and not just on one day.  People should make the effort to see their family and friends more often.  Call me crazy, but I enjoy that warm and fuzzy feeling of good company and great food.   This year, I spent this Thanksgiving with my husband and one of our friends in Las Vegas.

Thursday AM: We started off the day with morning bike to have brunch at Le Grande Orange.  Both of us had the Classic Commuter Sandwich.

Thursday PM:  We started off with a dinner at Switch at The Wynn Encore Hotel, then ended up hanging out at Tryst.

The following night we had dinner at Valentino at The Venetian Hotel, then went to see Le Reve at The Wynn Encore Hotel.  During the daytime, my husband and I walked the strip over to Bellagio, to enjoy a hearty fare at Noodles, inside the Bellagio Hotel.  On the final night before our flight back to LA, we dined at Sushi Samba at the Palazzo, and squeezed in some time at the Black Jack tables & penny slots.

$1700 later, some cute pictures, and lots of great memories, we’re now back home.  Do enjoy some of my random photos from the trip.

Asian Bakery Desserts

Growing up, I used to love picking out a slice of cake from the Asian Bakery.  They are usually beautifully decorated with fresh fruits or artsy decor made out of chocolate.  And, the bread section always smells heavenly.

JP & I treated my Mom to a mini cheesecake.  She was sooo happy!

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3 Cheese Board!

Simply delicious.  My favorite was the Marcona Almonds, Brie, followed by the goat cheese with honey.

Another 5 Days in Vegas!

I have to admit, Vegas is one of my favorite places to go!  With a plethora of restaurants, entertainment, and gambling, Vegas is like a playground for adults.  Best part is, you can indulge in just about anything, 24 hours a day!

On this trip, I realized my penchant for penny slot machines.  My number game is blackjack, but I like to supplement it with some penny machine action!  Had some very productive meetings, and spent my time catching up with some friends.

I had planned to go experience the CSI exhibit at the MGM Mirage, but ran out of time.  Hopefully it will be there when I return.

Hope you enjoy some of my Vegas highlights!

Shopping for yummy bath products @ The Venetian Canal Shoppes

Its like the Pacha cherries!

Admired some art by ANJA

Fall decor at The Palazzo Hotel

My lucky spot where I stand. At the top of the waterfall @ Palazzo.

Sparkly coins. Ooh la la!

4 Lobster club sandwiches from Postrio by Wolfgang Puck. Delicious!

My new makeup from the Dior boutique. Holiday LE minaudiere & travel brush set. Love them!

I became a Penny Slots High Roller =) I won 27.25!

Zen Noodles @ Grand Lux Cafe is always a comforting dish.

Mid-day snack at Noodles in the Bellagio Hotel. Bbq pork buns, pickled cucumbers, and tea.

Enjoyed the Gondola boat ride @ the Venetian.

My new favorite penny slot game. Look at the bottom right. I'm definitely a winner!

Have you ever noticed the pretty painted ceilings right by TAO @ the Venetian? It's gorgeous.

Dinner @ Bouchon. Service was terrible and food was mediocre. Failed!

The sun was setting, as I left to the airport. Look at the gorgeous Wynn & Encore hotels.

Ciao Palazzo!

Authentic Pizza @ Mario Batali’s San Marco Enoteca

During a recent stay in Las Vegas, I splurged on my favorite authentic prosciutto & arugula pizza at San Marco Enoteca at the Venetian Hotel.  Delicious!

Love My Veggies

Tender Greens, is the perfect place for a simple salad.  On this warm afternoon, JP and I decided to swing by the West Hollywood location.

I ordered up the Chinese Chicken Salad w/dressing on the side, while JP ordered up the trio.  He has Caesar Salad, mashed potatoes, and albacore tuna.

Culinary Adventures

Growing up, I always looked forward to a hot bowl of noodle soup, especially on those chilly winter evenings.  I finally took the initiative to find a healthy recipe for Chicken Pho Noodle Soup.  My 1st attempt to make this was a complete fail, since I tried making the traditional beef version from a random recipe I found online.

So, on my 2nd try, my new recipe and Organic Chicken Pho came out delicious!


Homemade chicken pho. delicious!

What kind of dessert do you like?!

Old fashion cupcakes @ Swingers



McDonalds soft serve cone




Homemade Almond Jello (in heart shaped silicone molds)

Best Fish and Chips in LA

I love Santa Monica Seafood, because everything is so fresh!  Their market side cafe, also features a classic selection of dishes to include roasted halibut, cioppino, seafood tower, and my fav, alaskan fish and chips.

My non traditional dinner date.

After finishing up my photoshoot in OC, I came back home and went on a non traditional dinner date with JP.  We hopped on our bikes, and went through our usual path along the beach.  Biked to our favorite spot to eat fresh omusubi’s and daikon salad, with hojicha tea.  It was so refreshing, and the perfect way to spend the evening together.  After our quick dinner, we biked home in the dark.

Pop Tart Mega Cafe Opens In Time Square New York

Today on Yahoo, I read something about Pop Tarts opening this ginormous cafe in Times Square New York.  They will feature something like 30 different Pop Tarts creations!  I also read something about Pop Tart sushi.  Ewww.  That doesn’t sound appetizing, but it would sure be fun to stop by the Pop Tart Mega Cafe!

Korean BBQ Annual Cook Off!

After a long night of festivities, JP & I strolled over to Ktown for the KBBQ Annual Cook Off.  As soon as we arrived, we totally scored the best parking ever!  We ended up paralleling it only a block away, and luckily our meter was a broken one.  hahah.  So it read FAIL, which is awesome, since it’s off limits for meter maids to write you a ticket. =)

So, we took our sweet time and enjoyed all kinds of wonderful foods and drinks in the soju & beer garden.  Jp’s favorite was from Seoul Sausage, and I loooooved the Kalbi Burger.  Both were delicious, since they had traditional Korean flavor, but were presented with a westernized fusion.  The thick slice of tomato, red onions, and lettuce, really made the Kalbi burger complete.  I’m definitely going to find their restaurant to have another one, next time I’m in K town.  Oh, and the Seoul sausage was presented on a bun, and topped off with kimchee.  The combo sounds gross, but it was totally good!  Cool Haus & the Sprinkles truck were there to satisfy those with who have been touched by the sweet tooth fairy.

Another huge feature at the food festival was the soju & beer garden, hosted by Jinro and Hite Beer.  We also caught the tail end of the Choco Pie eating contest, and the 1st place winner ate 30 of them!  Eeeek, I’m still thinking about how many calories and grams of sugar he ingested.  Yucky!

Aside from all the yummy eats, we did walk away with some swag of course!

–  6 Jinro soju cups

–  Hite bottle opener and flash light keychain (Hey, this totally makes sense if you were going to drink in the dark and couldn’t see what you were doing.  Genius!)

–  Audrey Magazine (summer issue)

–  Toothbrush and dental goodies from Wp Institute

–  Hand sanitizer lotion from Jinro

Tents lined the parking lot, turned food festival venue. haah

Folks gather in the big tent to watch competitions and special demos.

Spotted a cool Flying Pigeon bike. Super popular in China.

Lines were a tad bit long, but definitely worth the wait.

Yep, Parks KBBQ was in the house!

Sprinkle me, sprinkle me!

When you have the mama's cooking, it's a good sign. 😉

Those were my buddies... Hite and Jinro!

My favorite piece of swaaaaag. 6 Jinro soju cups!

The Best Thing About Brunch…

1.  Catching up with friends

2.  Not having to decide on breakfast or lunch.  Cause it’s brunch!

3.  It’s officially okay to start drinking, without having ppl look at you weird.  =)

The All Seeing Eye

After finishing a wonderful hot bowl of pho at Anqi, I noticed this strangely shaped window across the walkway.  As I came up closer to the window, I noticed it was a sneak peak of the Charlie Palmer kitchen!  So, like a little creep, I was standing there gazing around to see what types of spices they had on the shelves, and the pots & pans.  I’m always in the kitchen, so these types of things excite me!

Only minutes into my inspection of the kitchen, someone came over and started working on some food right in front of me (on the other side of the window of course).  I was so embarrassed, because here I was, just peeping through the window like a creep, and now I just got caught!  He smiled and waved at me.  Hahah…

So, I proceeded to leave and turned back around once more to look at this interesting window.  Up close, it’s just an oddly shaped window, but from a certain angle, you can see that it’s in the shape of an eye!  Genius!

Anqi = Yummy Pho

Ok, so Pho, is definitely a touchy subject.  I know most people say that Bolsa is the only place where you can get great tasting pho in Orange County.  Well, I beg to differ.  Anqi, is a restaurant by the family that started the world famous Crustaceans.  Although, I’m not a fan of that restaurant, I do love the pho at Anqi.

The broth doesn’t taste all msg’d out, and the noodles are not stuck into a funny shaped block.  They give you thicker slices of meat, that are tender and very tasty.  It’s located at the Bloomingdales wing, and is actually a pretty large restaurant.  I haven’t tried any of their other dishes, so I can’t vouch for those.

If you don’t feel like driving to Bolsa, and you’re already @ South Coast Plaza, then swing into Anqi for some pho.  You won’t be disappointed.  Oh yea, and of course they bring out the bean sprouts, hoisin, siracha, mint leaves, and lime.

Riding Bikes, Pit Stop @ Urth Cafe

Once in awhile, JP have this craving for peach or apple pie from Urth Cafe.  So, before the sun started to set, we hopped on our bikes and rode 3 miles over to Urth to pick up a good o’ peach pie!!  It was soooo worth it.   There’s nothing like having a peach pie, and watching True Blood.  muahahah