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Smoothie Time!

Special thanks to my Cusinart blender.  MmMmm good.

One of my guilty pleasures…

I love dessert, but I don’t eat them. From the sugar, eggs, and lots of cream, I totally avoid desserts when possible. However, I do admit I enjoy watching CUPCAKE WARS!!!

I mean, who knew baking & competing for the covenant title of Cupcake Wars, could be so brutal?!

Spent my Winter on the beach!

2010 was a fantastic year, filled with unforgettable memories.  My husband and I, kicked off the year by spending a couple of weeks in pure sunshine and tropical weather. We managed to run out businesses remotely, but still had plenty of time to relax.

Are you eating FAKE blueberries?

Sometimes you really don’t get what you pay for.  In today’s news on LA, I came across a very disturbing article about major food companies cutting corners by putting “fake” blueberries in their foods.  People are usually  buy a cereal or snack that contains fruit, because they automatically think it will be healthier.  Blueberry has gotten really popular over the years, because it is very healthy and contains antioxidants.  It’s a shame that big and well known food companies are clearly taking advantage of consumers.

Read more about what food companies are using to make “fake” blueberries and pawning them off as the real deal.

LA Times Article about Fake Blueberries

Day 2: Singapore in 2011

Yep, there's a giant 3 story Forever 21 here.

Love the modern LED escalators

No Apple Stores in Singapore. Gotta get your MAC from Epic Center.

Waffle sandwiches from Marvelous Cream

Cheers to our waffle sandwiches. Thought it was ice cream, but it turned out to be cream. Yucky.

LA street wear is catching on in Singapore. This store is called The Vault.

A cute Thai Restaurant

Pretty and festive Chinese New Year decor at the mall. Love it!

Oh yes! The real Hainan Chicken Rice. So yummy.

There is it! Hainan Chicken Rice

It’s good to be back home in S’pore

After a 1 year hiatus, JP & I managed to come back home for a visit to S’pore.  Not much has changed since our last visit.  High rise buildings and modern shopping plazas are still under construction in and around Orchard Road, but some things remain constant, and that’s the huge selection of delectable food & treats.

Do enjoy my photo diary of this long overdue trip back home.  I’ll be posting additional photos each day.


En route, hanging out in the lounge @ the airport.

Mini cocktails on board. =)

Now here comes the food & shopping!

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Audrey Fashion & Beauty Magazine

On my days off, I love perusing the aisles of Barnes & Nobles for some good reads.  The magazine aisle is section, with hundreds of hidden gems.

Recently, I found this awesome women’s fashion & beauty magazine called Audrey.  The content is fresh, modern, and features all sorts new (and well known) brands and luxe beauty products.  It’s not stuffed full useless pages of perfume advertisements and Ralph Lauren ads.  =)

I hear Audrey Magazine is also available online as well.

DIY Sparkly Christmas Ornaments

The air is getting cooler by the day, and I’m definitely getting into the holiday mood.  Today, I’ve officially decided to kick off the holidays extra early, by bringing out and setting up my Christmas tree.  I’m going to reuse my shiny & sparkly turquoise colored mini tree.  Last year, I made all kinds of fabulous ornaments, and this year I’m planning to add some extra sparkle.

You can have gorgeous ornaments for your tree this year, with some extra change to spare.  The key is to work in the same color family with your embellishments, and add some sparkle wherever you can!

Item List:

–  1 tube of mini round ornaments (16 pieces/$1.00 @ Target)

–  Liquid glue (Jewel-it glue)

–  Glitter (JoAnn Fairy Dust Glitter)

DIY Sparkly Christmas Ornaments

1.  Start with plain or pre-glittered round ornaments (i used mini sized ones for my DIY project)

2.  Apply a thin coat of glue all over the ornament

3.  Roll evenly in your glitter, and gently tap off the excess.

4.  Let it stand and dry overnight.

5.  Voila!  You have gorgeous sparkly Christmas ornaments that everyone will be lusting for.

Tips:  Try using glitters with different textures, and colors.  I purchased ornaments that already had glitter, but I added more drama with JoAnns Fairy Dust glitter, that has mini stars, bigger glitter pieces that were more iridescent.   The lights on your tree, will reflect beautifully!

I Heart Santa Monica

My favorite activity on a warm and sunny day, is to cruise around at the beach.  Here’s just some pics from a recent bike ride with JP.  I love being surrounded by the ocean, mountains, palm trees, and plenty of sunshine.

Best Fish and Chips in LA

I love Santa Monica Seafood, because everything is so fresh!  Their market side cafe, also features a classic selection of dishes to include roasted halibut, cioppino, seafood tower, and my fav, alaskan fish and chips.

Holy Rollers Indie Film Exclusive Movie Screening

My dear friend Trisha, invited me to an exclusive movie screening for Holy Rollers the other night.  It turned out to be a really good indie film, and I highly recommend watching when it comes out on DVD in less than 1 week.

Holy Rollers was an awesome movie. Got a chance to meet the director Kevin Asch, and actors Justin Bartha and Danny Abeckaser.

My non traditional dinner date.

After finishing up my photoshoot in OC, I came back home and went on a non traditional dinner date with JP.  We hopped on our bikes, and went through our usual path along the beach.  Biked to our favorite spot to eat fresh omusubi’s and daikon salad, with hojicha tea.  It was so refreshing, and the perfect way to spend the evening together.  After our quick dinner, we biked home in the dark.

Another fun-filled weekend!

Friday:  Catched a matinee with JP and saw Wallstreet.

Saturday: Day trip to Santa Barbara and lunched @ the Four Season.  In the evening, JP and I biked to the Glow Art Event in Santa Monica.

Sunday:  Abbot Kinney Festival during the daytime, then went bar hopping at the beach in Venice.  Came back and partied it up until 11:30pm.  =)

Look closely, you'll see a cute lil hummingbird!

Holiday Gift Idea For Your Favorite Dog!

Fall/Winter Fashion For Your Dog

The Modern Canine just launch their Fall/Winter collection of doggie fashion!   Pamper your pooch with functional, and gorgeous clothing during the cool months ahead of us.  Protect them from the rain and harsh weather with luxurious wool coats from The Modern Canine.

To view the new collection, click on the image below or visit

A Gift From Me, To Me

The latest addition to our home is this cute succulent plant from The Juicy Leaf on Abbot Kinney in Venice.  This stores has dozens of mini, medium, and large sized custom arrangements to choose from.  I hand picked this lil guy and they helped me plant and arrange it.  The best part is, you only need to water it every 3 weeks!

I love flowers, but I get sad when they wilt.  So, this is the perfect alternative for me.  I’m definitely planning on coming back to make some more arrangements for our home.  Next time, I’ll be sure to bring a friend too.  I guess I’m reach a point in my life where I find it rewarding to plant things, and watch it grow.

Korean BBQ Annual Cook Off!

After a long night of festivities, JP & I strolled over to Ktown for the KBBQ Annual Cook Off.  As soon as we arrived, we totally scored the best parking ever!  We ended up paralleling it only a block away, and luckily our meter was a broken one.  hahah.  So it read FAIL, which is awesome, since it’s off limits for meter maids to write you a ticket. =)

So, we took our sweet time and enjoyed all kinds of wonderful foods and drinks in the soju & beer garden.  Jp’s favorite was from Seoul Sausage, and I loooooved the Kalbi Burger.  Both were delicious, since they had traditional Korean flavor, but were presented with a westernized fusion.  The thick slice of tomato, red onions, and lettuce, really made the Kalbi burger complete.  I’m definitely going to find their restaurant to have another one, next time I’m in K town.  Oh, and the Seoul sausage was presented on a bun, and topped off with kimchee.  The combo sounds gross, but it was totally good!  Cool Haus & the Sprinkles truck were there to satisfy those with who have been touched by the sweet tooth fairy.

Another huge feature at the food festival was the soju & beer garden, hosted by Jinro and Hite Beer.  We also caught the tail end of the Choco Pie eating contest, and the 1st place winner ate 30 of them!  Eeeek, I’m still thinking about how many calories and grams of sugar he ingested.  Yucky!

Aside from all the yummy eats, we did walk away with some swag of course!

–  6 Jinro soju cups

–  Hite bottle opener and flash light keychain (Hey, this totally makes sense if you were going to drink in the dark and couldn’t see what you were doing.  Genius!)

–  Audrey Magazine (summer issue)

–  Toothbrush and dental goodies from Wp Institute

–  Hand sanitizer lotion from Jinro

Tents lined the parking lot, turned food festival venue. haah

Folks gather in the big tent to watch competitions and special demos.

Spotted a cool Flying Pigeon bike. Super popular in China.

Lines were a tad bit long, but definitely worth the wait.

Yep, Parks KBBQ was in the house!

Sprinkle me, sprinkle me!

When you have the mama's cooking, it's a good sign. 😉

Those were my buddies... Hite and Jinro!

My favorite piece of swaaaaag. 6 Jinro soju cups!

Pre-Grand Opening @ The Santa Monica Place

I was so fortunate to attend the private pre-opening festivities @ The Santa Monica Place yesterday.  The new and improved shopping plaza is gorgeous!  It has Cb2, Hugo, Boss, Nike Town, Nordstroms, and Bloomies!  There’s also dinning on the top terrace, which features a breath taking view of Santa Monica.  Enjoy my sneak peak photos.

Btw, be sure to check out the main website for The Santa Monica Place.  They are having special promotions for the entire month of August, to celebrate their grand opening.

The Best Thing About Brunch…

1.  Catching up with friends

2.  Not having to decide on breakfast or lunch.  Cause it’s brunch!

3.  It’s officially okay to start drinking, without having ppl look at you weird.  =)

Riding Bikes, Pit Stop @ Urth Cafe

Once in awhile, JP have this craving for peach or apple pie from Urth Cafe.  So, before the sun started to set, we hopped on our bikes and rode 3 miles over to Urth to pick up a good o’ peach pie!!  It was soooo worth it.   There’s nothing like having a peach pie, and watching True Blood.  muahahah

Mini Petting Zoo @ The Farmers Market.

It’s cute to see all the kids get excited for pony rides @ the farmers mkt, but for July 4th weekend, it was a mini petting zoo!  Too cute!

July the 4th was fun!!

Fireworks, bbq, and just hanging out with good ol’ friends.

10 miles later…we ended up in Manhattan Beach

Perfect weather

Stopped off for some cool treats.

Frozen banana, dipped in chocolate and nuts. Yea, I know, it looks funny.

Ice Cream Cooooookie Sandwich!

Irvine is not green anymore.

Once upon a time, Irvine was my favorite place on Earth.  It was lush, convenient, and ultra clean.  A recent drive back to Irvine, was just simply depressing.  The empty fields of grass off the 405 & Sand Canyon were no longer green.  It was yellow, dry, and definitely looked prone to catching on fire.  Ick.